Earlier this spring, I made some pants that I really loved. The Ahoy Pants. Seriously my favorite pants. So I was pretty sad when Abbey out grew them. I was going to just add cuffs to the bottom, but I decided to just make some new ones up. I changed a few things this time around. I made the flap in front a real button flap front. I also made them from denim this go around.

 Perfect for the the winter time. Especially when it is paired with the sweater I made last year. SO let me show you the changes I made for this pair. Other wise you can follow the Ahoy Pants tutorial.

 For the front flap I cut out two flaps. Then I put some strips along the sides of the front flap. Then I put the other piece on top. Sew along the sides and top. Then turn it right side out.

Then for the flap opening I stitched some flaps to the sides and then turned them around to the inside and stitched them in place.

 Then sew some button holes and buttons on and done.

 Then for the pockets I skipped the fabric strips and added some buttons to the back pockets. I pressed some folds in the legs for detail.

 I love the cute little back pockets…

 And the buttons on the front. The cute wide legs… I am so glad that I made another pair… and I added an extra wide hem on the bottom so I can let them out when she grows.

Since she grows a little everyday… Enjoy!