I hope you are all having the best Holiday break with your families. I am soaking up the holidays way busier than I even thought. After hosting and attending several family Christmas parties, caring for 2 children who took turns coming down with the flu and the cough of death, I was shorter on time than I thought. My husband has also had the week leading up to Christmas and this week off work so we have had lots of family time. So Monday will be back to sewing, crafting and blogging as usual but it has been a great little break. 

 I have been up to a few projects lately and have taken the break to finalize some of the new patterns for the Spring line (hopefully due out in February) So I thought I would share some sneak peeks of the things I am working on.

While sharing some “big news” with you. The new year is coming to an end, which is also the end of our first full year of blogging. So for the year 2012 we are adding a few fun things. We will be having a weekly link party. We love to party, and see all the creative things you guys do so let’s party together! Starting Every Tuesday we will party it up!

We are also opening up the Sewing 101. initially it was 20 lessons (only I only did 19 oops.) However we have gotten a lot of emails asking sewing questions so we are re-visiting sewing 101 and we have lots of tips including working with knits, neckline openings, plackets, and many more.

We also have some fun events in mind for the year. We can’t wait for all the fun things! We will be making announcements on facebook for pattern testers for the Spring line for anyone interested. There will be 5 (maybe more) patterns released so I will need lots of testers with boys and girls.

Our last announcement, is that after learning a lot from our first pattern release this fall, we have decided to increase our prices come the new year. It was a hard decision to make but, creating the patterns and keeping up with the shop takes a lot more time than expected to the prices will go up to 6.95 (except the super hero dolls which will stay at 3.95) We will still offer specials, and deals from time to time, and the half off special is still good until Saturday night. Use the code holiday at checkout and save!