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JuneBug remix

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  1. msmollywhite

    Love it! Love the color combo, and love the pockets most especially!

  2. kreativkäfer

    awesome!!! love it, this is supercute! happy new year! andrea

  3. youandmie

    I LOVE IT. Oh, I've been wracking my brain for an idea for this remix. Thanks for posting yours, it came out great!!

  4. A Jennuine Life

    Adorable! I like imagining what treasures she finds to put in her pockets!

  5. Tara

    WOW, I can honestly say I am in love with everything about this dress. Everything. The colors, the silhouette, the buttons, the ruffles, the belt…can't WAIT for your patterns to come out for Spring.

  6. Claire Jain

    Oh that is so great! Well done, and thanks for sharing!

  7. Meg

    That is such an adorable remix! I plan on remixing that pattern for my little sister as well.

  8. NurseBrandy

    That is some serious darlingness right there! Ok, I made up that word (I think?), but it&#39;s fitting. Both the dress and your little one are absolutely adorable! <br /><br />:)

  9. Stephanie

    Ok so I don&#39;t sew. I dont even own a sewing machine. How can I get this dress made for my little girl? 🙂 I am so in love with this dress!! 🙂

  10. feelincrafty

    This is just adorable!!!

  11. thebeanhouse

    This is so darling! Like a girly Robin Hood. The Sheriff of Nottingham stands no chance against that little cutie 🙂

  12. Jess@craftiness is not optional

    Man, I&#39;m pretty much in love with this dress! Everything about it is adorable and pretty and cute. 😀 LOVE how it turned out!

  13. Dakota

    I LOVE THE WAY YOU REMIXED THIS!! I have seen soooo many variations, and I have been wanting to sew a junebug for some time now, and i LOVE the way you did it. I think Im going to copy. Nevermind, I KNOW I am going to copy. 😀 Exceptions are mine will be in a blue/big red/pink rose print and robins egg blue sleeve with slightly darker polkadots. 😀 eep

  14. Kreasi dari Bunda

    the dress is so cool, i love it

  15. Arte

    Genial me encantó…<br />

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