Well after long last I finished a new pattern! I swear you guys a third kid takes more time alone than the first two together… or maybe it’s just because she is a baby and I don’t want to miss those sweet smiles, and giggles and general discovery of the world around her so I get distracted more easily. (and tired oh boy am I tired no more late sewing nights for this mama) Anyway I am getting off topic… because I am excited! The Heather Top is done and here with still enough time for summer sewing!

 This sweet and simple tunic which is one of my new favorites is so easy to make, the curved facing detail sings to my soul and just makes me happy to see. In fact if you have followed along here for awhile or sewn a pattern or two you will notice I have quite the infatuation with curved bodice lines. It’s a detail I just can’t resist and add a little pop of piping like this pattern has and I just get weak in the knees.

The cut is a cute and swingy A-line which is perfect for a comfortable summer top and adds just enough style and shape to not be boring.

 Cute little button straps makes the top (or tunic if you rather) easy to wear which makes kids happy, or at least my kids happy.

 Little pockets are perfect for storing little treasures. This little girl is in love with little toys and figurines (the baby calico critters are her favorites) she loves to stick them in her pockets and bring them everywhere she goes so they can experience the world right along with her, and sing songs in the car with her you know whatever the day may bring. So little pockets are a must for her.

 This tunic was made from a pinstripe linen from Joann Fabric, and a sheer cutout fabric that I backed in white also from Joann Fabric.

 The pattern comes in the sizes 6-9m-8years so naturally I made one for Penny as well. (only I did trim the width just a touch since she is in 6-9m length but 3m width)

It is just as sweet and cute for a little babe. (honey bee floral print from Joann Fabric as well)

You can find the pattern here in the shop