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Poppies Hair Band

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  1. Georgine

    So cute! Is the felt you used 100% wool? That is all I have and I didn't know if it needed some synthetic content to singe up. I am a little afraid to light the wool on fire, my luck the whole place will go up in flames. Thanks!!!!

  2. Shauna@shwinandshwin

    No it is not 100% wool. I agree wool would likely burn… so you could use a little black fabric paint to get the dimension if you wanted.

  3. NurseBrandy

    Uh-Oh! This makes me want to have a baby…. <br /><br />Love it! 🙂

  4. lillizalou

    So cute! Going to have to make one to go with Prudence.

  5. Georgine

    Shauna, thanks for the advice. Black paint it is!

  6. She is so cute!!! I love!

  7. Cameron Meerdink

    Love this – I never knew you could singe felt . . . I like that look!

  8. Tara

    I LOVE poppies. Such a cute project. My daughter is so skinny that I bet her head is the same size as her waist too. Lol. Time to get some more elastic and whip out the matches!

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