I have been really into making hair bands/belts lately. Why do I call them hair bands/belts? Well my little one wears a hair band off and on. Somedays she is all about them and somedays she wears them for 5 min. So since they are nice and stretchy and her head is seriously about the size of her waist. (so wish that was my case ūüėČ They can double as a belt which is nice since she would other wise have a stash of waisted hair pieces.

Right now I am loving poppies! They are so unique and modern looking, I just love them. Making them out of felt is super easy too. So shall we?

Now I used the heavier felt that you get on the bolt, I think it works better than the stuff you get in the little sheets that is really thin. Then you want to cut 1 larger circle. (however large you want the flower) then cut 1 smaller circle. (slightly smaller than the large one) Next you want to cut out a lopsided bow tie type shape. The more imperfect the shapes the better and more “real” they will look. (great news right?) Then one little small black circle.

Next cut some notches out of the circles. Round the edges of the notches.

Next (very optional) you could use paint if you wanted. I took a lighter and singed the edges. Be VERY careful NOT to start a fire. Just lightly singe the edges. They will melt a little and turn black. (they may also curl up a little)

Then layer the pieces. Big circle, then little circle, then bow, lastly black circle.

I used some black elastic for the band. (nice and stretchy) I sewed the flower to elastic adding a little black pearl button in the middle.

That’s it. A cute and simple poppy. I especially love the bold pop of color.