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Sewing 101: Welt Pockets

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  1. Kate

    Oh my goodness, brilliant! For pockets on my pants too! I wanted to make a pair of denim cutoff this year and this would be perfect!!

  2. Tara

    I was just recently wondering how to make welt pockets!

  3. liZ evans

    Super cute!<br />liZ<br />(simplesimonandco)

  4. Caroline

    Great tutorial – thanks…

  5. Rachel

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those are fabulous, FABulous, FABULOUS!!!!!!! This is exactly what I have been looking for.

  6. Post-it Note

    I can&#39;t believe there are only 6 lovely comments so far! I stared all night at the ceiling wondering how I could do these pockets and now what do I happen upon? Your amazing blog, and the name for those pockets in my mind, and if that&#39;s not enough how to do them. Swoon. I think you guys are top notch.<br /><br />love,<br /><br />paige

  7. Post-it Note

    I made them! I&#39;m so excited and proud of myself, I texted pictures of welt pockets to my mommy today. I just wanted to let you know they worked out. At first I was really confused that you push the rectangle inside but I finally figured it out and now it seems easy. Thanks again. <br />-Paige

  8. Boyfriend Morris | What Katie Sews

    […] it, I felt like the larger expanse of front needed to be broken up by some pockets, so I used this tutorial to add some mini welts. They’re a bit tiny to actually hold my hands, but at least they hold […]

  9. DIY Halloween | Tyler the Creator's IGOR - Seams Rhymes and Life

    […] I was stubborn about having welt pockets on the blazer, which I think you can forgo (if you have on all the other accessories and have the bright colored suit, I think folks won’t mind that you do not have welt pockets.) If you are like me and like to make more trouble for yourself on the DIY front, there are plenty of tutorials on welt pockets on the interwebs. I am fond of Shwin and Shwin’s tutorial. […]

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