Ok yes it seems it is baby central around here. Seriously everyone I know is having a baby it seems. (seriously everyone) So I have more baby things to share, and since the constant complaint seems to be a lack of baby boy things, those people are in luck because everyone seems to be having boys. (all of these things could easily be used for girls as well)

 So for a friends little boy (soon to arrive) I went with the ever so simple onsie and reversible pants set. For the onsie I used my new love (which is seriously addicting) heat transfer vinyl. I used my silhouette to cut the deer head and I used silhouettes flocked vinyl in yellow. The cool thing is you don’t need a silhouette machine to use heat transfer vinyl. You can cut it with scissors, or a scalpel as well.

 Paired with the sweet reversible pants this time with grey knit on one side and seer sucker on the other. I love the little man flair. So want a mini tutorial on how easy heat transfer vinyl is to use? Careful once you get started it’s hard to stop.

Cut out your design and lay it face down on the fabric.
Cover with a cloth and press with a hot iron.
Then you are done and you have vinyl design flocked (velvet) or smooth.

The vinyl is smooth and flexible and it is nearly seamless into the shirt, a lot like using fabric paint only fabric paint can get stiff and crusty so I am really liking this alternative and since it is so easy to do I have been adding it to tees and onsies, and a million other things. I know this is really just a mini tutorial and this week has been a little light on tutorials so far, Spring Break has been busy and my kids gave up nap time… what? It’s crazy I know I was hoping they would nap forever… Such is life I guess. See you back here tomorrow