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British Invasion Tee {boys summer collection}

British Invasion Tee {boys summer collection}

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  1. Jen @ My Own Road

    I love it! The shirt looks like something you'd buy in a trendy store

  2. Jessica

    Really like the frayed raw edge look. This is a great boy shirt, thank you!

  3. rebecca

    Maybe it's just because of the British theme, but he looks a little like Colin Firth in the second to last shot. You know, if Colin Firth were six.

  4. Kate Hitchin

    Love this Tee! Just in time for the Jubilee weekend can whip a couple of these up for my boys just in time for the party weekend :)<br /><br />Katie x<br />

  5. Nichole

    Love it!! I did the same concept for my son&#39;s 4th of July shirt last year….and I adore Jude&#39;s shirt!!<br /><br />

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