It’s been said before, and if you haven’t heard it’s quite possible it’s obvious, I am a Beatles fan. What??? I know it’s crazy hard to believe, but perhaps my pattern names give it away, or the one, two,  three, four, five, six posts inspired by the Beatles I have already done, or the names of my kids, and my pets, whatever it was that tipped you off. I like the Beatles, as do my kids. We regularly jam out to the music and my kids know most the words to the songs. So I thought it would be fun to do a little play on words and make some Beatles inspired tees for them. Starting it off with this one for Abbey. Dig a pony. (great song) I made up the Apple Loungewear Top, again just like I did yesterday.

 For this one I did the hi-low option, but I left off the band. (again not adding length just omitting the band) Cut the sleeve short and hemmed it. Then to make things interesting I played with the stripes switching the direction for the back. I used a knit but the knit didn’t have a ton of stretch so switching directions worked fine without making it all wonky.

 For the graphic element. I used my silhouette to cut out the graphic using a Dark Pink heat transfer material. For the image I used the horse by Dear Lizzy found in the Silhouette shop, and then added the text to the center of the pony so it would be cut out as negative space. (remember to flip the words when doing this)

So a couple notes about heat transfer material. The directions are bogus. Yes I said it bogus. I have used the stuff quite a few times and when I follow their directions I have all sorts of issues with it sticking, or staying stuck. All too often the design just peels right off. So here are a few “rule breaking” tips I have discovered from trial and error.

  • Press press press, you can’t over iron the stuff.
  • Skip the cloth, you can iron right on the plastic just fine, and it seems to work better without the cloth covering.
  • When you peel off the plastic backing do it carefully since some areas may not be completely stuck down, then iron right over the design. 
  • If all else fails you can stitch around the edge to secure.

These “tips” of mine are just things I have started doing but implement them at your own risk, I can’t be responsible for your design getting ruined. I just find it really frustrating when I make something and then two seconds later it starts to peel off so these are the things I have tried and have worked.

 SO there you have it. One quick and easy (and fun) tee done and ready for summer wear.