So, people say sewing for boys is boring, or hard, to which I have never agreed. You don’t have to always sew “over the top” things for boys sometimes the fun is just in sewing up some basics. Like the ever so classic polo. A polo in some soft knit? What boy wouldn’t want that?

 I used the Maxwell Pattern as a starting off point for the polo since it is my go to shirt with a collar pattern. The nice thing is you could add some of the details like the pockets, and sleeve tabs to dress up the polo a bit.

 Or you can leave it plain and it is still a great boy classic. So here is a really long tutorial on how to do a placket for the polo, trying to make it as easy as possible, since really… not to bad.

 I started by tracing the maxwell pattern on to some tracing paper. This is so I could cut it how I needed and not ruin the original. You will cut the front on the fold however the Maxwell top has overlap down the front for the buttons so you need to get rid of that for the polo, so move the pattern over from the folded edge about two inches.

 Now this is where you measure measure measure. Since I am using a knit and not a cotton like the Maxwell is for, I measured across the chest and then trimmed the sides evenly so that the polo would fit nicely, not tight but not too loose.

 Then with the front folded cut out a small rectangle for the button placket down the middle. The size you cut is the size of the placket.

 Now you have the front ready to go.

 Now adjust your eyes a bit as you look at this horrible blurry photo, since what you need to see is the rectangle. Cut two slightly longer than the opening and twice the width of the opening.

 Then cut diagonally into the corners of the opening. (just two little slits) This creates a little tab, remember that tab we will use it later.

 Now back to the rectangles, iron on some interfacing to half of each rectangle on the wrong sides.

 Then fold them in half and sew along the top edge only.

 Turn them right side out.

 Then pin one flap along the side of the slit and sew in place. Do this for both sides.

 Then you have to flaps.

 Fold them over each other and they will meet in the middle of the opening.

 Pin the layers all in place to secure.

 Then fold the shirt so the little flap you cut is at the top of the fold and all of the layers of the flap are on the inside, then sew a straight line through the flap and layers.

 Then on the front side I top stitched a box and X along the bottom of the flaps.

 Add buttons and button holes and you are good to go.

 Then sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders.

 I used all the other pieces from the Maxwell top pattern so I stitched the collar to the neck I let the collar overlap just slightly with the placket and I did not sew all the way to the edge. 

 Then sew the other collar to the collar right sides together.

 Turn to the inside and topstitch along the edge.

 Then the collar is done.

 Finish up the polo by adding the sleeves and sewing up the sides.

 Hem the sleeves and bottom edge, I used a double needle to sew the hem to add a nice finish.

 Then it is done and ready to wear…

And dance about in….