Happy 4th of July!
Funny story… (at least us shwins laugh but my little brother not so much…)
When were were younger our little brother (maybe 9 at the time) asked when the 4th of July was… we all kind of paused and stared at him figuring he was joking… nope he had no idea he thought it was in March because it sounded like a holiday you March to… That bright young man grew up to be a Marine for the United States of America, pretty sure he would be laughed right out of there if they knew that story. Still, on days that we come to celebrate our freedoms in this great nation, and eat yummy food and play with fire 🙂 I am thankful that he fights to protect that right. And since I am not doing much sewing these days… or anything really I thought I would at least bring home a guest post that just so happens to be sporting the red white and blue (only in winter layers 🙂 

 This is a bubble skirt I made back for Sewing in No Man’s Land 12 skirts of Christmas event, hence the thick tights and long sleeves. All the colors would still work great for today with the red white and blue 🙂

 I love the fullness of the skirt and the super wide waist band.

 The added wide ribbon around the waist adds to the festive feel of the skirt without making it a Christmas only skirt. So let’s make a nice and full bubble skirt shall we?

 To start you will need some fabric for the skirt. To get the size for the rectangle measure your waist (or the waist of your little one) Then multiply it by 2.5. Then for the length determine how long you want the skirt then multiply it by 1.5.
For the next piece I used some knit fabric so it was nice and stretchy. It will be the width of the waist and half of the length of the skirt.
You will also cut out a waist band piece that you will see later.

 Start by gathering the bottom edge of the skirt.

 Then pin the inner skirt piece to the right side of the ruffled edge.

 You may have to stretch the knit as you sew it to the ruffled layer so that the layers fit together. Just let the ruffle lead as you stretch the top.

 Then gather the other end of the skirt.

 Then fold the skirt right sides together so the skirt piece and lining match up. Then sew up that side.

 Next fold the skirt so the seams are on the inside and so that the ruffled edge and the knit edge match up. You can sew them together to make it easier.

 Now for the waistband, fold your fabric length wise and cut out a front and back waistband. I made mine angled a little. (which is why it looks angled in the picture) I made two one for the front and one for the back then unfolded the pieces and sewed them up the sides.

 Then fold the waistband back and sew a straight line through the back, this will be your casing for the elastic.

 Slip in the elastic and sew it in place on both ends.

Then sew the waistband to the skirt. Sew right sides together.
There you have it, the nice and full bubble skirt is done. 
Now my daughter has the perfect little skirt to wear for the holiday season, and with a different ribbon or tie around the waist it can be worn any other time as well.

 And I love a big bow in the back. It makes me smile.

 The skirt has a lot of body and movement. Which I can’t get enough of.

Have a happy 4th of July!