Today is the second installment of the Belly+Baby series! Are you loving it so far? Just as a reminder if you are new to the series, CINO, See Kate Sew, and I are teaming up for a fun series showcasing a project for our growing bellies or babies, every Monday in September. Today I am sharing a project for Baby! A sweet little newborn romper. Pattern and all, (later this week I will show you how to make the pattern larger in case you are sewing for an older baby)

So the good stuff, here is a link for the pattern:
Baby Romper Pattern

Please DO NOT share the link to the pattern with others please link back to this post. Respect the work that went into creating the pattern and DO NOT share the pattern only the link to this post with others. Thank you!

The pattern pieces print out on 3 pieces of paper, they are in black and white, and you will only need to tape two pieces together.

Follow the instructions on the pattern for cutting.
Pattern Pieces include a seam allowance of 3/8″

To get started with right sides together, sew the two front pieces together from the top down to the crotch.

Press the front open. Then you will want a small strip which there is not a pattern piece for, I used the front facing as my guide for the width and I made it 2 inches tall. Then press the top and bottom under. Pin the middle of the strip to the middle seam of the front.

Next adding box pleats, fit the front piece to the strip. Pin as you go keeping the pleats even as you work the way out.

Then top stitch the top and bottom of the strip to secure the pleats.

Next the back pieces, sew them right sides together the same way you did for the front.

Next sew a basting stitch across the top of the back piece and pull to gather.

Next sew the back piece to the back along the gather. As a note I used fusible interfacing on the back piece since I was using a thin linen and I needed a little structure.

Next press the back piece upward and top stitch the seam in place.

Next with front and back pieces together sew up the the sides from the under arm down the leg.

Next sew the shoulder straps two of them right sides together. Clip the corners and then turn the straps right side out. (leave the bottom open) As a note I used interfacing on the straps as well, since I wanted them to be a little stiff.

Next place the straps on the back piece. The raw edges should match up and the straps should face down.

Next sew the facing pieces together at the sides. *Note I also used interfacing on the facing pieces, again to add more structure since my fabrics were so thin.

Then with right sides together sew the facing to the front and back. Sew along the top edge and arm curve. Clip the corners and the curves.

Next turn the facing around to the back. Top stitch along the edge to secure the facing in place.

Now you will need to make the leg facing. The pattern shows the guide for where you want the facing to be, You want the leg pieces to be one piece following the curve of the pant. Make on for the front and back.

Then with right sides together sew the facing to the legs along the raw edge.

Turn the facing to the back and top stitch in place.

Now you will pin the pant curve to they overlap. Mark where you want the snaps and using sew on snaps or snap tool add snaps all along the curve. (honestly there is no picture because I only got through 3 sew on snaps, and then I moved on, I still have 3 months left before a baby will wear it, so I have time.)

Next for the leg cuff fold the edges in 1/4″. (again I used interfacing for some added stiffness)

Then add the cuff to the pants. You can add pleats of gather the bottom the pant leg so the width fits the cuff. Sew in place.

Then press the cuff out flat. The next part is missing a picture… but you want to fold the edge under 1/4″ and then fold the cuff up in half so the fold covers the seam. Sew in place. Add an extra snap at the bottom of the cuff.

Lastly you will add button holes to the top front and button holes on the straps.
You can add a second set of buttons to allow for more growth.

That’s all there is to it. A cute little romper ready for a little baby.
See you back here Wednesday for a quick tutorial on making the pattern larger.

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