Today was going to be a free pattern for you 🙂 But I lost it. This little mess I call a brain may have deleted it… I have been known. No fear, I will share it later next week instead. So I thought I would share a quick little bow I made for a receiving blanket. I don’t know about you but when it comes to these simple flannel blankets, I can never have enough for baby, and I always want new ones. They seem to always take the brunt of messes so by the time the next baby rolls around I am ready for a new batch. However, when I went looking for flannel, I found myself drawn to all the “boy” prints. Bubble gum pink is not the color for me. So when I saw this city print in particular (found at joanns) I knew I just had to make it work. So well I put a bow in it. Bam for a girl now… (right?)

 Without the bow it would make a fine baby boy blanket, Jude actually thinks its gotham city… but with a bow, I say it passes as a girly blanket. You could add a bow to boy blankets you already have on hand if you are handing them down to a girl, or you could add this simple bow to anything… just “put a bow on it” it’s going to be a new thing…

 To make the bow I cut out two “bow” shaped pieces. Then I sewed them together all around the edge. I cut a small slit in the middle of the bow through one layer so I could turn it right side out. Also you may note I used pinking shears to trim around the edges so everything would be smooth.

 Then I made the “ribbon” pieces, simply by folding a rectangle in half, making the bottom angle, and sewing the sides and bottom. Clip the corners and turn it right side out.

 Now I have my pieces. I pinched the middle of my bow and tacked it in place. Then I cut out a small little scrap to wrap around the center.

 (picture taken with my phone on this one sorry) So then I laid the ribbon pieces down and stitched them in place along the top. Then I added the bow right on top with the center already wrapped and I stitched the bow in place. I also tacked the bow down in few areas so it wouldn’t be flopping all around.
Then to make the blanket I cut to squares (45″X45″) and I placed them wrong sides together and serged around the edges. Simple, fast and done.

I did pick up some other flannels as well, they are patiently awaiting their fate… I may just slap some more bows on… or the camera print may get a camera and the woodland print may get a deer (I have a thing for deer but more on that later) Either way, I will be whipping them up soon 🙂

Oh and just a tip, 1 and 1/4 yards is enough for the blanket, I usually get 1 and 1/2 yards so I have enough to make a matching burp rag, you can never have enough of those either.