Ok I know I have said it before but I will say it again, Kiwi Crate changed our lives. (true story) I feel really lucky that I was given the opportunity to work with such a great company, and we are also paid subscribers to their monthly kits. Kiwi Crates are amazing. We just love them. If you have kids at home who are itching to get crafty but coming up with ideas and supplies, seems overwhelming, then seriously Kiwi Crate is just the thing. I first saw them on a family friendly website and I signed up right away, not only do we love the kits that come every month full of crafts and EVERYTHING you need to make them, but it unlocked a creativity in my kids and now we have craft time everyday. So when the lovely people at Kiwi Crate asked if we wanted to try out their new holiday crates I could not possibly say no. My kids were thrilled to do christmas crafts already.

 And the boxes literally come with everything you need so the kids can be as creative as they want. There are instruction booklets that walk you through each craft in the most kid friendly way. Jude can do nearly everything himself, Abbey usually needs a little assistance but she loves it even with the help. We got the
Crafty Christmas box with cute little cardboard gingerbread houses (all the fun and none of the sugar high) The kids LOVED creating the little house, people and trees.

 Abbey would stop and play along the way, she kept calling it her little doll house.

The cute little house was complete with stain glass windows and everything, super easy for the kids to make, and play with. The kit also came with ornaments that were fun to make paint swirled in some plastic balls and the kids can’t wait to hang them on the tree.

The Holiday Crates can be purchased without a subscription and would be great to buy if you are traveling for the holidays what a fun thing to bring to relatives houses to keep your kids entertained, since everything you need is in the box you would be set to go.

You can also buy a Kiwi Crate, for yourself or Gift Subscriptions.

Or Win a Free Year of Kiwi Crate! Enter now. (totally worth it)