I love all the statement pieces I have seen this season and thought I would try to make one of my own. This turned out to be so quick and simple and can be made using just about any knit fabric.

What you’ll need:
3 ft x 5 ft fabric, I used knit fabric so it doesn’t fray ( more if you want it longer)
1 small scrap of same fabric

STEP ONE: Lay your fabric out flat and mark out three 1 ft x 5 ft strips. Cut out strips.

STEP TWO: Lay out strips. Fold each strip lengthwise into thirds so that the cut edge is on the inside.

STEP THREE: Gather the ends together leaving around four inch fabric loose at the end. Either have someone hold the end for you or find a way to secure it while you braid.

STEP FOUR: Braid the three strips of fabric together. Ensure you keep the tension consistent so the braiding is even.

STEP FIVE: At the end of the braid, use a narrow scrap of the same fabric to secure it by tying a double knot. Again you’ll want to leave around four inches of fabric loose.

STEP SIX: Take both ends and place together. Double knot one strip from each side together, repeat with other two.

STEP SEVEN: Trim the ends for your desired length.

STEP EIGHT: Pull out and fan the ends to create a flower shape.

And that’s it! Now your ready to make a statement!

Looks good on anybody…even my dog 🙂