It’s the first day of Free Pattern Week! Also before you go thinking that I am whipping these all out now, while taking care of a newborn and two other kids, rest assured I made all the patterns for free pattern week several months ago to prepare for this time :)Today’s free pattern is for some baby shoes. Because honestly who doesn’t love a pair of baby shoes? I love making a bunch when I have a babe to fill them, and they are great to hand out as gifts since when I don’t have a baby of my own I always seem to know someone having a baby.

These are just a sweet and simple mary jane style shoe with a knot in the strap for a cute added detail. While they are fairly easy to make. I will warn you baby shoes are not the best “beginner” project. They are small, curvy and can be a little tricky to sew. That being said, they take almost no material and the pattern is free so go ahead and give them a try 🙂

Pattern Found HERE for 0-3m, 3-6m & 6-12m

Here is what I used for mine (6-12m)

  • About 1/4 yard of pink polka dot cotton for lining and buckle
  • Scraps of poly wool blend for upper outer
  • Scraps of pleather for soles
  • Two scraps of bias tape to make tags
  • Scraps of wonder under cut from the sole piece

Make sure when you cut out the pieces you are cutting a reverse of each piece so you have a left and right foot.

  1. I started by adding my tags to the sole lining. I like when things are marked size especially if you are giving them as a gift.
  2. Press the wonder under to the sole lining. Then press the sole lining to the sole outer so they are stuck together. This is optional but it helps when sewing later if they don’t slip around on you.
  3. Now with right sides together sew the inside edge of the upper pieces together (follow the black dotted line) *optional I added a little back loop
  4. Then with right sides together you are going to sew the two straight edges together. (the “top of the J and the end of the J”) You are sewing the side seam so you want the lining matched with the lining and outer matched with the outer.
  5. Then turn the lining to the inside. You can top stitch the top edge if you like at this point.
  6. Now fold the buckle pieces in half length wise and sew the top and side. Turn right side out.
  7. Tie the buckle piece in a knot. You want the knot towards the end with finished edge. The strap will be much longer than you need. Then pin the finished edge in place on the side without the seam. The knot should be centered over the opening, and then pin the rest of the strap in place so it covers the side seam. Trim away the extra.
  8. Then with right sides together sew the upper to the sole. The side seam (with strap) should be sewn to the inward curve of the sole, so the buckle is on the outside of each shoe. Be careful NOT to sew the finished side of the buckle into the sole.
  9. Turn shoes right side out and add a snap (sewn on snap) to the buckle piece and side so the buckle can open and close.

Then you have some cute little mary jane style shoes with a cute little knot.

They are the perfect “girly touch” without being over the top.

If you make some share them in our Flickr group!(link at top of page) We would love to see them!