sewing for girls

Adding bubble sleeves to a top

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  1. Willie Crosby

    Abby is getting to be a young lady<br />I love your creations -whenever I see a picture, I can usually guess if it came from you

  2. Suzanne Winter

    those sleeves are AWESOME!!! You are always amazing ;o)

  3. Emily

    Darling shirt and model. 🙂

  4. Natalie

    Just adorable, thanks for sharing :)<br />

  5. Unknown

    I am new to sewing, and I mean new. I realized, when I had my daughter, that lil girl clothing is expensive. So I decided to teach myself to sew. The looks really easy. Was it difficult and how much time did it take? I have taken a sewing with knit class. Is there any advice you could give? Like what you tell your daughter, when she start sewing? Thank you in advance.

  6. Mira Leventhal-Abudi

    I love these sleeves! I just tried them out on a shirt for my mom. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  7. Inga

    Drafting sleeves scares me….any ideas are welcome! I would like a simple tutorial if you have any.

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