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Project Run&Play week 2 {Chevron Challenge}

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  1. Caffy Bundy

    Oh my!! She looks beautiful and TOTALLY working the chevrons!<br /><br />I&#39;m making a chevron quilt for my (onborn) little girl at the moment… amazing! I can&#39;t wait for her to be bigger so I can dress her like this!!<br /><br />Much love,<br /><br />Bundana @<br />

  2. Melissa (Melly Sews)

    These photos are so fun, Shauna! Great job!

  3. Shannan Deshazer

    My daughter is the same age as yours and I love your style and look! I would love to see how you make that tulle petti skirt – my daughter would die doe several of those. A future tutorial? Thanks!!

  4. Jess@craftiness is not optional

    The picture of the back with all the colors together. My fave. I LOVE the colors Shauna! So fun-and the twirling… 😀 Her and Sadie would get along just nicely. Love it all!

  5. Chelise

    I would not have thought to put those colors together, but they are SO great. I love this dress so much!

  6. Suzanne Winter

    how can I love your stuff more and more each time??? Love this unexpected color combo and the mix of chevron and stripe -and the photoshoot… Love it all!!!

  7. Andrea Pannell

    Yes. Just yes. Love it. Completely.

  8. sanita

    It is absolutely lovely , you should totally make a tutorial or pattern for this beautiful clothing!! Love it

  9. GrayColors

    Soooo cute! Hope you make a pattern for this one! Im first in line

  10. Maegen Foster

    Darling! I agree with those clamoring for a tutorial or pattern! This is just fabulous!

  11. Stef

    Shauna, Shauna, Shauna, I want to live in your colors, if that makes any sense at all. You have such a knack for paring the unexpected so perfectly! Love, love, love it! The third time was DEFINITELY a charm, would love to see the other two looks, too.

  12. Shelley

    My little girl saw this picture and asked for that dress!! Please please tell us that you are going to make this into a pattern including the tulle skirt. Great job!

  13. Emily

    Love the fun colors, the stripe/chevron combo, and the tulle. Gorgeous pictures!!

  14. Tara

    Seriously freaking adorable. I love the colors together

  15. gina

    Love the dress – it&#39;s summer fun in a skirt that twirl. The button back + tutu slip are details that rock! And while I am tired of the. Chevron trend, you freshened it up with stripes(so hot right now) and coral, seafoam green + navy – 3 of the four colornpaletrs I am redesigning my home with! (Orange – hello, the chair!!) And brushed gold being the other two. Voted for you – good luck!,

  16. Dagny

    That. Is. Fabulous! I would never have thought to pair the chevron print with a striped skirt, but it totally works. I love the circle neckline. Maybe you&#39;ll do a tutorial sometime?

  17. sallyavena

    This dress is just so cute but in an atypical way. Love the different color combo and pattern combo with the chevron. Great job!

  18. anjali sharma

    bful work done……its very preety,i will definetly stitch this for my daughter.<br />by the way can u tell me which camera do u use? your pictures are awsum…….

  19. Jennifer Trydal

    I absolutely love this dress. I have made a few of your patterns and for a newbie, they are so wonderful to follow and turn out beautifully. Are you going to post the pattern for this dress too? I would love to make it!!! And, where did you get her adorable sunglasses?

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