I am really excited about today’s project. I mean I love a good legging, remember the legging series? This one almost got put in on that series, but I thought maybe we needed a break from leggings so this sat in the to-do list until now. I love them! I think they could look really great with a mix of colors and I think it could be a really fun way to use up some old tee shirts, make them fun! So let’s get started!
I started by making a new pair of leggings, but if you are not in the mood to make your own pair you could just follow the steps for the cuffs and add them to a current pair of leggings. Anyway to make leggings just follow a pair of leggings you have but you don’t have to cut the whole leg, see how the legging runs off the edge? Cut around the legging adding room at the top for the elastic casing, and you will need to have 4 legs cut.
Here are the leg pieces. Again you should have 4

then cut a rectangle that is the width of the leg pieces and the length that you want the pants to be keep in mind the pieces should over lap by a few inches. cut 8 of the rectangles.
then cut the pieces so they slope coming to a point at the flat edge of the pant leg. as shown above. (the left side edge should still overlap by about 1 inch)
Ok so you should have 4 leg pieces and 8 cuff pieces cut out. 
Sew the legs together by sewing two pieces along the long straight edge. You should have two pieces that look like the picture above.

Then sew 2 cuff pieces together from the point down so when open they make the shape above. Do this with all the pieces so you should have 4 
Then sew to of the cuffs right sides together along the top edge. then turn them around and you should have something like the picture above. Do this with all the cuff pieces so you should have two of these. (one for each leg)
Then pin the cuff to the pant leg and sew in place. If you were skipping the making of the leggings and wanted to just add the cuff to pants sew the cuff together at the sides to make a tube and then slide it on the pant leg and sew in place (it is tricky to do when they are not flat but possible) 

On the back side it should look something like this when sewn in place

you can cut away the extra fabric

Then turn in the bottom of the pants to hem them. Sew in place

Then fold the leg and sew up to the crotch.

The with one leg right side out and the other inside out place one inside the other so the right sides are together. then sew along the “U” shape.
Then measure the elastic so it fits around the waist comfortably. Sew the ends together to create a loop.
With the pants inside out place the elastic loop around the waist and fold over the top to enclose the elastic. Then stretching the elastic as you sew, sew the edge down.

Then add some buttons to the little cuffs.
And you are done! Easy right? 
My daughter was in the middle of a dance party so it was hard to get a good shot but she stopped for a second…