Well you guys I did it, I finished the last summer pattern. Still summer so it counts right? Right. It’s one of my new favorites. I have made 4 for Abbey and one for Penny (you will see that in a later post) A cute little Pinafore, it’s an apron style top in that it slips on and then buttons in back to secure. However it has a built in cap sleeve.

The Pepper Pinafore and Cami can be found HERE

 I styled this one for fall worn with jeans and boots, (since fall is coming) I think it would look equally cute with a long sleeve tee under. I had asked an opinion on Instagram a while back to see how people felt about the back being bare under the top. The vote was no. Which is what I had thought, I always put a top under for Abbey. So I went ahead and included a simple cami with the pattern that can be worn under the pinafore (shown worn with all of these tops)

 The pinafore has lots of options. This is the single layer top, with the optional pockets. The single layer is great for hot days, but it also takes less fabric, and sews up nice and quick.

 There is also the option to add ruffles or pleats to the top. This one came about when I was saving all the work I put into a pleated skirt piece I was making for my project run and play, but I never finished it then, so I used the pleated skirt part for the pinafore and fell in love. This one also has the extended bodice. The pattern has a marking on the bodice so that you can make the arm opening wider and the bodice longer. I like both options really although the sleeve fit Abbey better with the regular bodice she will have more room to grow in this version which is nice after all that time with the ruffles 🙂

 The pleats (or ruffles) add a nice feminine flair to the top.

 The last option for the top is reversible. Yep whats not to love about a reversible pattern? It’s 2 tops for the work of one. I love how you can have two totally different looks out of one top. The pockets can work for the reversible option as well. My favorite thing about a reversible top is that when kids spill on the front of one you can turn it around and bam clean shirt! Because honestly what kid doesn’t spill all over their top?

So the Pepper Pinafore and Cami pattern avalible in sizes 6-9m-8years can be found here in the shop.
Perfect for all the seasons since it is great with layering, and it’s fun to mix and match different fabrics and styles I love a pattern that can offer so many different looks.

Fabrics used can be found here:
Linen Wide Stripe found from Mood Fabric

Chambray Linen found from Mood Fabric

Pink and White Stripe found from Fat Quarter Shop
Grey and White Polka Dot found from Fat Quarter Shop