So we have been in a bit of a hair rut around here. Does that every happen to you? Abbey hates having her hair done, like really hates it, but it goes up a lot because other wise it gets tangled in everything or in her food, or looks like a disaster zone.

So I usually whip it up super fast (no brush) and do a messy bun/top knot up on top of her head. It looks cute, it solves our problem and she sits still enough for the 30 seconds it takes to put up. However, we were in a rut and it was time for something new. So in the same 30 seconds that we used to take we added a few more (this takes about 1 min) and we have a cute little bow.  Incase you want to do it to, here is how:

 First this works best with long hair. I used to do this kind of bow as an up-do for prom girls back int he day when I did hair, and I will say short (shoulder length hair) is possible but challenging… so stick with long hair. (thin fine hair actually works better than thick heavy hair so that’s a plus 🙂

 Put the hair in a pony tail. I like up hight on the head and slightly to the side but really any place works. Then on the last loop through the ponytail holder don’t pull the tail all the way through (the tail should face the front)

 Leaving a few inches of the tail split the bubbled pony part in half.

 Lift the tail up and through the split of the loop. Then secure in the back with clips, or bobby pins are great because they are less noticeable, I like the snap clips because they hold great and I don’t use hairspray on my daughter. For the best hold with hidden clips use the bobby pins to secure the hair tucking it back under the ponytail holder. Then hairspray away 🙂

 I will spread or puff the bow part, and for heavy hair it works best to secure the bottom part of the bow with the clip so the bow looks attached to the head and not like it is going to fly away.

That’s all there is to it and you get a cute little bow on top, which is at least a different option for us from the top knot.