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Aromatherapy Facial Steam

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  1. Stephanie

    This is great, thanks! I always do this with Tea Tree Oil when I'm sick. I hadn't considered doing it this way for a facial treatment.

  2. Nic

    Thanks for this post! I knew I had seen this somewhere on your blog, but couldn't find it. You guys need a search button. Thanks for your blog!

  3. cupiecakeliares

    What facial cleanser goes best with the lemon toner? and are there any other alternatives to greek yogurt because it is not accessible to our country 🙁

  4. naturaleeann(:

    Do you need to do this using dried lavender and lavender essential oil or is there a simpler way to do this? I am a college student and this seems like a good way to get rid of the blackheads that I have on my cheeks. Also how often should I do this?

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