Remember the onesie pattern I shared HERE well,  I have been a onesie making machine. (you know when I wasn’t sewing the alphabet collection, or working on some new patterns) I love the original pattern, but I wanted to mix things up a bit as well. So I added button closures at the shoulder.

I love the buttons, because well, I love buttons. It also can be helpful if your kiddo has a large head something doesn’t have to stretch over the head since the buttons are totally functional.

Side note, Penny is growing so way too fast! 7 months already and I can’t believe it! She loving being mobile and loving the grass. I just love that it is so green 🙂  And her scrunchy face smile. Well, on to the tutorial…

To start we will extend the shoulder line on the pattern. Extend the front by 1″

Extend the back by 2″ (the back will overlap the front)

Sew the ribbing along the neck the same as the original pattern. You will need to cut the neck ribbing in half but you will also have to add an inch to the ribbing before you do that.
A couple notes. I have a few comments that the ribbing is too short, or it won’t stretch enough or that it makes too small of openings. Different fabric stretches differently. True ribbing has a lot of stretch and it is designed for that purpose.  Regardless of the pattern if the ribbing piece can not stretch over your child’s head before you sew it to the neck then the shirt will also not fit. Same with the neckline of the shirt, if it doesn’t fit before you sew the ribbing on then it won’t fit after. The ribbing has to be shorter than the neck opening, and then stretched to fit. If you don’t stretch it (and I mean really stretch) then it will lay all wonky and wavy. For this onesie, I used regular interlock for the ribbing, knowing it has very little stretch I cut it longer than the pattern suggests.

So you will sew the front and the back neck lines.

Next I used hem tape, but you can use interfacing, or any stabilizer, the hem tape was great because it fuses it together and stabilizes. Fold the front and back shoulders down 1″

Stitch in place.

Overlap the back and front pieces and pin in place.

Mark and sew the button holes. Then you will sew the ribbing on the sleeves the same as the original. 

Add buttons. Finish the onesies following the pattern and you are done.

The other thing I added was a little pocket, which works for a girl but would be perfect for a boy. (my husband thinks the pocket makes it boyish) Anyway I cut a square turned all the edges under and stitched along the top.

Then I place the pocket and stitched the sides and bottom. Done.

Now you have a perfect onesie with a little added detail.

The knit is another fabulous knit from Girl Charlee. Gosh I love them, they are so fun and soft, and easy to work with, seriously I love all the onesies I made because of the fun prints.

I love seeing her move and groove in comfortable knits.