If you saw on Friday I gave a little sneak peek of the summer wardrobes I have been working on for my kids.  I have been loving sewing everything up and can’t wait to share it with you over the next few weeks. First up is a sweet little top I made Penny. I used the Apple Loungewear Pattern, because I love a pattern that can be used in so many different ways but also my girls LOVE everything I make from the pattern, we are talking comfy cozy clothes, and even though the pattern only includes a long sleeve length, making it a sweet short sleeve top is beyond easy.

I made the straight hem version using a woven cotton, and I used ribbing at the neck but skipped the waistband all together, so it would be loose and flowing. I wish I would have thought to lengthen the top just a bit since there wasn’t the length of the waistband but Penny is pretty small so the length wasn’t a huge deal for her.

So to make it short sleeve. I simply cut the sleeve shorter measuring about an inch from the armpit and then going straight up. Then after sewing the shoulders together I turned the sleeve edge under twice and sewed it in place. I followed the rest of the instructions exact.

Then I had the perfect cute loose fitting dolman top which is perfect for summer time. Also as a bonus it only took about 30 min (maybe less) to whip up which is amazing since I was making clothes for all 3 kiddos I need as many quick projects as I can do.

Pattern || Apple Loungewear || Shwin Designs
Fabric || Sweet as Honey || LiMa Sews etsy shop
Headband || Target || Similar
Shorts || Hand me downs from Abbey || Similar
Shoes || Zara Baby