Today I am introducing the final pattern in the Fall Line up. It’s the ultimate in comfort wear. The Apple LoungeWear is cozy, loose, laid back lounge wear with enough style to be worn around town. It’s one of Abbey’s favorites and let me tell you, designing the “perfect” loungewear has taken some work. I started (and tested) a round of loungewear earlier this spring but I was struggling to get the details quite right, then it came to me as many designs do, in the middle of the night. I could barely sleep the rest of the night, and could not wait to draft it up and try it out. Abbey loves all 5 that I made while I was perfecting the fit. (the set in these pictures is my favorite but I will share the others another day as well)

 The top can be made from a woven fabric (like the linen I used here) or even better with a knit for a sweatshirt like feel. Abbey loves them all, even the woven fits loose and comy and with the ribbing at the cuffs, waist and neck it still fits like a knit, and behaves like a knit.

 The top has two different pocket options (both shown here) side pockets with a little peek-a-boo cut out so you could show a really cute lining if you wanted, also a chest pocket which is another great place to pop some detail. The pockets are perfect for adding little treasures that kids find. (Abbey is my treasure seeker)

 The pattern also includes leggings, since no loungewear is complete without some cozy leggings and they have a simple yoga waistband so they are super comfy and no elastic sewing is needed ūüôā I used a great floral knit from Girl Charlee for the leggings. A nice spandex or Lycra knit works best for those and this floral was calling my name.

Abbey pretty much wants to wear her loungewear pieces everyday all day, and I don’t blame her, comfort is key and it’s time to bring the comfy back. It was so much fun designing the Fall Line with knits in mind and designing the comfy clothes my kids love to wear. (and it’s also quite possible this pattern is also coming soon in tween and woman’s sizes… just sayin’ it’s happening)

Also incase you missed the announcement yesterday, the old stock up and save prices are back! Which means you could buy the whole Fall Line up and save 30%, or buy any other combination of patterns you like. To see the codes check out the “discounts” tab in the shop.

To check out the pattern click on the picture below: