People love to sew for girls. In fact I hear constant complaints about not having enough boy stuff out there, or that sewing for boys isn’t as fun. Not only is sewing for boys fun but I find that when I have little time to create whipping something super cool up for a boy is easiest.

 If your boy is like mine then he wears jeans and a tee shirt basically every day of the week. I get that sometimes making tee seems like a waste since you can buy a tee shirt pretty cheap. But with a great pattern like the one I used here The Recess Raglan which can easily be made in less than 30 min with a great fit and finish. I decided to add a graphic to this one because it’s
A) Super easy
B) Super Quick and
C) Makes the top super cool

I used TAP (transfer art paper) Because Sabra (who is freaking amazing) recommended it and if she recommends something then you go out and buy it right then. Well or you should. So I did. I am just starting to play around with it and it’s pretty cool. It’s like Iron on transfer paper, only better. So you can print right on it like I did I found an image (FYI don’t sell products if you are using copyright images that’s not cool) I liked online for a vintage comic book (batman naturally) and I printed it out on some TAP.  (make sure you reverse your image I may have totally wasted a whole page…maybe) Then you iron it on to whatever you want (fabric in this case) You peel it off while it’s still hot and voila a cool and fancy print. It has a little stiffness to it but that gets softer after a wash (unlike iron on transfer stuff) 

 I scratched my image up a little before I ironed it on so it would have even more of a vintage/aged look.

 I used some white knit and heather knit from Girl Charlee for the Recess Raglan Tee. I cut the sleeves a little short off the long sleeve so it had that “baseball sleeve” length. (that’s what my husband calls it) But I like the slim fit to the Recess Raglan.

Jude loves the new graphic tee that was so super easy he may just be requesting a closet full…