As many of you know I used to blog a lot. You know like a new tutorial everyday. It was fun. Then I got pregnant with my 3rd and things slowed down a lot. Then I had Penny (9 months ago now…eep!) Well a lot still happens behind the scenes, crafting sewing, creating with kids. It all still happens just in 30 min (or less) since that’s about all the time we have these days. So for the month of October the blog will be dedicated to 30 min projects. That’s right 30 days of 30 min projects! (as a disclaimer all the projects shared took 30 min or less of my time but it may vary person to person the idea is still quick and easy) First up turning Dollar toys into chic figurines.

 I was wondering around Michaels Crafts one day and made my way down their dollar isle when I saw these cute little plastic animals. I have been really wanting some gold animal figurines since I saw them in a home decor magazine a while back and these little guys were perfect except of course the fact that they were colored plastic not gold. Then the hippo said “paint me” and I said “sure”
*no toys actual talked during the making of this project

 So I picked up some Gold Metallic spray paint.

 Put the animals in a cardboard box (thank you costco) and I sprayed them down with a coat of the paint. After they dried for about 10 min I flipped them over so I could spray the other side as well. You want to make sure everything gets coated but not so thick that you get drip marks.

 Also as a bonus you get a free and quick manicure of gold painted nails 🙂 Kidding of course but it took a while to come off the nails.

 Let them dry which does take a few hours but I didn’t count that as craft time since it’s not like you have to sit out there and blow them dry, just walk away and they will be done in no time.

There you be a nice golden figurine and no one will know it was once a plastic dollar toy.