Last year I started something new, I did free pattern week, and I loved it. So I am bringing it back! Woohoo right? So January 6th-11th will be all free patterns! A new one each day! And after asking on Facebook for a few ideas, there is something for boys, dogs, babies, and girls coming up! (lots of fun)

Starting things off today it’s a quick and easy appliqué. My grandma (who was a huge inspiration to me) was a master with appliqué, I mean jaw dropping, “shut the front door I can’t believe she made that” appliqué. Me? I am more of a super simple, kindergarten style appliqué (thats a thing right?) So in my nod to my grandma I created this little nesting doll pattern.

Print the free pattern found HERE

The size was made to fit on a dress I made for Penny (12-18m size) it can easily be made larger or smaller by enlarging the pieces. (again it’s simple)

First thing first. Pick your fabrics, for the one I made and the instructions that will follow they are made for knit fabrics (so the edges don’t fray) you can totally use any fabric you want but you will want to do a satin stitch around all the edges. So fabric, I used all knits and to prep your fabric I use wonder under. (found near interfacing, or notions) Press the wonder under on to the back of the fabric cut into scraps just large enough for the pattern pieces. Leave the paper backing on the back for now.

Now I trace the pattern pieces on to freezer paper so I can iron the pattern pieces on to the front of the fabric. Then cut out the pieces, remove the freezer paper and remove the paper backing off the wonder under.

Now your pieces are ready to go. (just ignore the little bow pieces that got scrapped due to looking funny 🙂

First things first, iron the main body piece down wherever you want your doll to be. The wonder under sticks the piece down like glue.

Next place the head centered right above the body so it’s just touching the edge. (again iron it down)

Next add the hair

Then the top and bottom pieces which should cover over all the loose ends so it looks like a nice little doll. Everything should be ironed down so it’s secure.

Then I use a disappearing ink pen to draw on the little face. Using basic back stitch, stitches I fill the face in using embroidery floss.

Then since I like the added detail and I like to make sure everything stays secure I stitch along the edge. You can do a regular straight stitch if you used knits or you would want to use a satin stitch (tight zig zag stitch)

Then you have a cute little nesting doll appliqué.
Want a sneak peek of tomorrows free pattern?

A cute little dress the perfect place for an appliqué.