Time for another “from this to that” I love me a quick project and this one took about 30 min. I had this shirt I bought on clearance for like 5 bucks. So naturally I didn’t even try it on I just grabbed it. Well I hated it on. It’s a sheer chiffon so the drape has to be perfect, and it wasn’t, and it was short, but not in the fashionable way, just in the short way.

 However I liked the color, the color and the price so I kept to to make it into a top for abbey and it was easy. You could totally follow the same steps and make a top for yourself, or child. Basically any large ill fitting top can become I hi-lo tank in just a few min.

 I love the fit and flow of what once was a women’s top, as a child’s shirt. (and I totally made her some gold leggings which I love as much as Penny’s hurray for questionable decisions)

 5 quick steps for a fun transformation.
1. Cut away the sleeves.
2. Fold the front and back so the side seams match up, then cut the back curved up to the front for a hi-low hem.
3. Sew bias tape around the cut armholes.
4. Fold bias tape towards the inside and sew down to secure.
5. Hem the bottom edge. (I serged it then turned it up)

 Then you have a great new flowing top.  We paired it with a basic white tank (that I made in about 5 min) and some sweet gold leggings (also made in about 5 min)

 A few things to note when taking a women’s top to child’s top. The neckline will obviously be larger than a kids neckline, this one fit me pretty close to the neck so I tried it on Abbey before cutting and saw that it would be loose but not falling off the shoulders, which is good.

 The underarm area is obviously going to be deeper than a normal kid’s top but since it worked with the look I was going for I didn’t change it, you could bring in the side seam to help raise the underarm.

 I left the back as is with the little button placket. She doesn’t need to open it since the neckline is wide enough to slip over her head but it adds a cute detail so I left it, you can put a seam down the back of a shirt to help bring in the neckline if needed.

 Now the two girls have sweet matching gold pants (which Abbey insists they wear together) For Abbey’s pants I slimmed the legs a bit more so they had more of a tights like fit.

And while this top gets us more and more ready for spring and summer, it’s still winter so this is how we really wear it. (with a sweater and gold toed boots)