Today I am sharing with you a Day Tripper Top I made, in fact it’s the first Day Tripper Top I ever made. When I first started developing the pattern for this it was August, it was shortly after I had released the Apple LoungeWear set and I just knew I really wanted that top in my size. My mom, sister and I had planned a girls trip to L.A. 5 days of just girls, shopping, chatting, having spa treatments, and well sewing of course… Ok I was the only one who was crazy enough to pack up my sewing machine and supplies and set up a little studio in our hotel room. I just thought it would be fun to sew for them. So I made the first day tripper right there in the hotel room using fabric I scored in our Fabric District shopping trip.  Then as we were driving back to Las Vegas we pulled off on an exit leading no where and took some pictures.

 So as it always is when I make a pattern from the first one to the final pattern a few things change. So there are a few small differences from this top.  First my sister is and XXS measurement with broad shoulders and an extremely long torso so I had to custom fit a few things anyway. The pattern includes 3 lengths to help with different torso lengths and your desired fit. I made hers the longest length, and widened the hip out to a size S instead of the XXS. Not because she needed it but because she wanted it to be loose and flow away from her hip.

 The top has a hi-low hem which I love, although I did raise up the back hem a bit in the final pattern, but if you like the look of a lower curved hem you can lower the curve to be a little deeper.

The top has in seam pockets, which I love, especially on the looser hip fit we did here. I am a pocket lover though I have made half of the day trippers with and half without and I love it both ways, but when I used a light weight knit that was kind of slinky I wasn’t loving the pockets because every bump showed through the fabric and it ended up adding lumps and bulk where I didn’t want lumps and bulk. So if you are going to use the pockets I would think about making the hip fit looser or being careful about your fabric choices. For this top it’s a super light weight cotton rayon blend. So no stretch (which is totally fine for this pattern) but really great drape and feel which is important. A stiff quilters cotton wouldn’t be the best choice but a light weight fabric without stretch works great. For this one I did as I would suggest using knit for the waist band, neck band and sleeve cuffs. Later next week I will show you how I hacked the pattern to skip that part. (also I am pretty proud of my pattern matching skills right there)

One other change to the final pattern that is different from this one, I lowered the neckline quite a bit.   I wanted a more relaxed loose neckline. If you prefer a higher or smaller neckline opening (like the one above) you can cut the neckline higher. The neckline gets a little larger with each size to accommodate a larger frame with each size so if you have a small frame but are making a larger size (due to bust or hip measurements) you may want to make a higher neckline, or you can make the neckband shorter and that would help take it in a bit more.

You can get the day tripper top and 3 other great tops as part of the Pattern Anthology “Just Add Jeans”  collection. It’s at a great discount price with the bundle, but it’s only available for 2 weeks! (ends March 24th)

Pattern || Day Tripper Top || Pattern Anthology Just Add Jeans Collection
Fabric || Cotton Rayon Fron L.A. Fabric District