Stacey from Boy oh Boy oh Boy Crafts has put together the best series: A Fashionable Type. It’s a series all about words and letters in fashion.
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So I decided to just “Be Cool” I had a bajillion ideas running through my head and was driving myself crazy trying to narrow it down when I kept hearing “Be cool my babies” (Conan O’Brien fans??) So be cool it was.

 Jude doesn’t really have a problem being cool, coolness seems to run through his veins. He is a confident kid. He knows who he is and he never questions himself. He is a friend to everyone he meets and includes everyone in the fun. He is comfortable being the life of the party and enjoys all the attention.

 Now he gets a shirt that is just as cool as he is, and it also encourages others to just “Be Cool”
So how did I do it?

I made a cool little graphic to show you. (mainly because I didn’t take pictures)
1. Trace letters on to the reverse side of fusible interfacing
2. Iron the fusible interfacing on to the fabric of your choice. (I used white knit)
3. Cut out the letters.
4. Sew the letters on to the shirt. I did this on a handmade shirt so I sewed them on the front before sewing the shirt together.

 The shirt I used is a new pattern (coming out tomorrow) It has color blocking across the front and back but for this one I just did it across the back and made the front all one piece so it wouldn’t get to crazy, but I like how the color blocking breaks up the back and adds some interest.

 So quick and easy and fun. I love making tee shirts for boys, especially this boy since it usually follows in a photo shoot and let me just tell you, the girls can be a pain to take pictures of these days but this boy? Remember how I said he loves to be the center of attention? Well he eats these photo shoots up with a spoon.

 I never have to direct him, he comes up with all his own moves, and he usually names them, like this one: Pulling a String
I am usually happy to help him out in photo shop (enter small string) Lastly for your viewing pleasure here are some other titled works:

From top left to right, to bottom left to right
Falling on purpose || hula hoop || Why!?!?! ||  Karate Chop || Arrested || Peaceful Flamingo