Happy Friday friends! Another super quick project for you today. The “Hey Bulldog” Tee. This one may be my favorite, if you know me you know why but seriously, it’s stripes AND the Beatles…True love.  I did the print just like I did for THIS tee

 The dude loves it too. It was the one he ripped from my hands the moment I finished it and put it on.
(football player pose)

Do you know what happens when I actually give the kid modeling advice? He was moving all around in fun and creative ways (as per usual) but it was always covering the actual print on the shirt, so I asked him if he could show the front of the shirt a bit… I got about 20 frames of this. Lesson learned… I will never squash this kids imagination again.

(the tight rope walker which showed the shirt and his creativity 🙂

Shirt || Anytime at all tee pattern || Shwin Designs
Fabric || Knit stripes || Riley Blake (currently sold out from the shop I found it)
Shorts || Target
Sandals || Old Navy