Free Patterns sewing for boys

Boys Hooded Sweatshirt || Free PDF Pattern

Boys Hooded Sweatshirt || Free PDF Pattern

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  1. lazybene

    Thank you so much for sharing it !
    It looks beautiful and I can’t wait my kids are big enough for sewing it 🙂

  2. Pinafores & Pinwheels

    Thanks so much for all the amazing patterns!!! ~Stephanie

  3. Nina

    Thanks so much for this pattern and tutorial! Can’t wait to try it.
    Greetings from Austria. nina.

  4. Moni

    Superb!!!!! Fantastic!!!!

    Now I just need my kid grows and grows 😉 (he’s 4 years old)
    I’ll keep it, and I’ll try to adapt it.

    Thank you so much for this pattern!!!

  5. JOY

    Thank-you SO much for sharing a sew simple pattern!

  6. Meritxell

    I love It!! Sure I’ll try to sew some. Thanks for the free pattern. You are amazing and You boy is really handsome!
    I have a seven years kid too but It’s a girl, the. A five years boy and a two years girl

  7. Loretta Heard

    I sweatshirt is so cute. Thanks for free download. Is this pattern download for a size 8 only? Wasn’t sure thanks!

  8. Michelle e.

    Wow! Thanks for the tute and FREE pattern! Now I just wish that So. Cal. would cool down so we could wear fall-ish clothes! 😛

  9. kerri

    Hi. I just wanted to say that you draft and sew really nice things for boys. You are really good at making them not look homemade.

  10. Nicole

    Thanks, this is great! I also like how your affection for your son is so obvious. I have a 7-year old boy too, and although they start looking so big and old at this age, they are still so sweet and young in personality. (My son is also the one who will wear whatever I make him.)

  11. Emily

    fun!! I’ve pinned this to come back to next year when my son is seven… or i may break down and make it this year, just a bit smaller ;o) Thanks for the free pattern. pinned it!

  12. Elisabetta

    Thank you so much Shauna for this free pattern, that’s great for my boy too, he’s six but wears size eight of most things out there! ^_^
    I have a problem with the pattern, maybe it’s because I am using an iPad? Can you fix it or should I try to use a computer?
    Thanks again

    1. Shauna

      What problem are you having? I was able to access it on my phone and computer fine, so maybe try your computer.

  13. Cindy

    I love this! I have a six year old son who wants me to sew for him but I find it easier to sew for his sisters. Can you tell me what the color name of this fabric is? I looked at the website but was not sure what fabric it was? Thanks for sharing!

  14. Anne

    Awesome!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow evening that links to your free pattern:

  15. Katrina

    thanks so much for sharing this free pattern. My boys are 6 and 8 so this should be perfect for them. Yet another thing to put in the queue of things I must sew in the next few weeks…

  16. Tanyna

    Thank you so much for all of your free patterns. You are such an inspiration for me. I just started sewing this year and totally teaching myself along the way. Because with four children ranging from 2-10 years old, buying clothes can be a bit costly. Your website is ranked #1 in my book. Once again, thanks for sharing your talent.

  17. ruth

    Thanks for the free pattern. I was wondering, if you have any finished measurements? I want to sew this for my nephew, who is turning eight, but is quite big for his age. It looks quite roomy, so it could work. Let me know, if you can. Ta!

  18. erinmalia

    What a cute hoodie! Would you mind telling me how this pattern would work without the hood? I need a regular sweatshirt for a certain Halloween costume. Thanks!

  19. Meritxell

    Thanks. I’m trying to sew one for a birthday boy

  20. Becky

    I just made this sweat shirt and made the retro sweat pattern. Love this hoodie pattern thank you so much

  21. Peggy


    I would like to download your pattern but it doesn’t work. Can you send me by email, I really love to do this sweatshirt.


  22. Helmi

    This was my first hooded sweatshirt ever and it turned out great with this easy pattern. I’m a beginner sewer with 6 kids and I think I’ll make one of these for all of them. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

  23. Tia

    Great pattern. Thanks for sharing! One question though, is the cuff supposed to be cut on the fold? I’m using two way stretch fleece and no matter what I do, I can’t get it to stretch enough to fit. My son complains that it’s too tight and can barely get his hand through it.

  24. Ashlee

    I am needed help with the cuffs… i have cut 2 as the pattern says, but i cant seem to figure it out.. just doesnt seem like enough fabric. was it suppose to be cut on a fold?? (the pattern doesn’t say to, just say cut 2 🙁 help

    1. loreleidwyer

      I had the same problem, I think the stretch should be in the opposite direction, so I made two of my own pieces a little bigger then the pattern piece provided.

  25. baylinsmom1

    I am so very grateful for the free patterns I’m new to pattern sewing and find you patterns easy and helpful thank you so much

  26. lindaswanner85

    This is perfect and perfect timing! My 8-year nephew asked me just today to make him a hooded sweatshirt so we searched on the computer for a free pattern and up popped your site. I have gotten patterns from you before and was happy that you offered exactly what we needed. We are off to the fabric store tomorrow! Thank you so much for your generosity 🙂

  27. diane.keeney

    Thank you so much for this pattern it is so easy and just what I need. I am making this for a costume for my daughter. I am having one problem though not sure what I am doing wrong. When I cut out the sleeve on the fold when I unfold it the arch does not match up with the sweatshirt arch like in your picture. Why would this be? Did I cut something out wrong?

  28. loreleidwyer

    HI, Made one like this today…I really found the cuff was too small, if the stretch( marked on the pattern piece) was in the opposite direction it would have worked, so I just cut two more in the opposite direction, and I added a pocket. I love the band on the bottom! Thank you for sharing!

  29. Ren

    Thank you for this great pattern! Has anybody tried making this with fleece?

    1. Joy

      I just finished making this pattern with fleece, and it turned out great! I used it to make a Pokemon Trainer costume for my 7 year old. Make sure to cut the cuff with the stretch in the opposite direction that is indicated on the pattern piece–that was the only problem I had with it. Cute pattern, my son loves it!

  30. Audrey

    Does anyone know what the seam allowance is on this? Also, how much lining fabric do you need?

  31. Melissa

    Thankyou such for such an awesome pattern. I was just wondering if this pattern is available to buy in more sizes. I love the simplicity of this pattern and have had a request for a size 2 and I would prefer to use this pattern as I love it so much……

  32. cuthartltd

    I couldn’t find if any sewing allowance included. Can anyone help with it, please?

    1. Shauna Wightman

      There is a 3/8″ seam allowance included.

  33. Karen

    Shauna – I would love to make this sweatshirt for my grandsons. Unfortunately I am unable to download the PDF pattern. Nothing happens when I click on it. I hope you will be able to help me. Thank you. Karen

  34. Melanie

    so i see the remarks on the SA, which was my first question. But now I have a question on the cuffs. Were they maybe supposed to be cut on a fold too? i cut them as the pattern says but they are so tiny and i can’t stretch them far enough to fit even with a ‘very’ stretchy knit. i’m going to recut them bigger, but otherwise i love it so far. thanks!

  35. Kristina

    I wish this was for age 12.

  36. Jo

    Thank you for the great pattern! Here I am in Italy, making it for my 7 year old nephew on the other side of the world (New Zealand) for Christmas. His favourite colours are green and blue, so I have made it in army green, and the hood lining and bands are a deep blue. I love how this comes together! Your instructions are very clear, and I really appreciate the photos.

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