I am sure by now you have all heard of the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Emotionally I simply could not handle the news. However I refuse to dwell on sadness. Instead when things get really bad, and my heart becomes overwhelmed with sadness I look to all the good left in the world. I try to remind my children that there is always good in the world if you look for it. I also try to always encourage them to BE the GOOD in the world. My kids are young enough to not have to know of such sadness that happened on Friday, instead they got extra love, and some talks about what GOOD they can offer up this holiday season. Then some blogger friends and I discussed a way we can put GOOD out, in a time when the world needs more GOOD. We came up with the ABC’s of LOVE 26 ways to spread GOOD in the world to represent the 26 victims of the shooting.
As a family we personally have a goal to do all 26. Today I am helping out with “G”-Give a toy or gift to a child in need. This can be any toy or gift. Today I am offering up my Super hero doll pattern completely free because, there is no better reminder that there is GOOD and safety in the world than I child getting a personalized super hero looking over them, offering them comfort and reminding them to do GOOD. Make one to donate to a child in need, who can be near you, or across the country.
Pattern can be downloaded HERE

If you would like to Spread some GOOD here are 26 ideas we came up with

You can also visit these other lovely ladies blogs and check out the GOOD they are spreading in the world.

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Spread the GOOD!
*Also just as a note with the baby coming, and the holidays upon us the Tuesday Link Party is on a break until January. I knew you would all understand 🙂