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Floral McCartney Jacket || 8 Days A Week

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  1. Teresa

    Oh my goodness where do you find neoprene fabric? I tried doing a web search as well as on Joanns site and there are no matches. I just purchased the 8 Days a Week Deal and MUST have fabric of this make!

    1. Shauna

      I searched everywhere for the stuff I found at joanns, they don’t carry it in store anymore either. I have from time to time seen some at mood ( right now they seem to only have textured stuff. Seattle Fabrics has some solid colors and a few wild prints ( It can be really hard to come across, which is why I grab it when I see it 🙂 There is some on Etsy as well ( Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Sabine

    The jacket looks awesome! One of the best uses of neoprene I’ve come across so far 🙂 Love the topstitched parallel lineson the sleeves, it indeed adds a little extra visual structure.

  3. Paulina M

    Hi there!
    I got the same fabric recently from JoAnn’s and lucked out because it was 60% off. It’s from their spring collection so most likely it’s gone in most of the stores.
    I think the reason you can’t find any neoprene on their website is because they call it “Scuba Poly Spandex”.
    I hope this helps.
    Btw, the jacket looks very cool! I might be making a dress for my little girl out of the fabric.

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