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How to add a hood to any pattern

How to add a hood to any pattern

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  1. Hennahands

    Thank you! I have been pondering this for about two weeks! I even went to the fabric store to see if I could find a discount pattern with a hood on it, but no such luck. I am going to make a hoodie for my daughter posthaste. There aren’t enough hooded t-shirts for girls in stores.

  2. janelle

    Thanks so much for this. I’m curious what to do if the jacket has a zip. Does it make any difference? Or is that an example of how it can get complicated?

    1. Shauna

      Not really, a simple zip up would be easy just add the hood before you add the zipper. If the jacket you are making is lined then the zipper likely goes between the outer layer and lining so make a hood for the outer and lining and then sew the jacket as you would normally. If the jacket is not lined but has a facing, sew the lining hood to the facing then finish as normal, and lastly if there is no lining or facing. (although I suggest adding it in that case) simply line the hood and sew it to the jacket and then add the zipper. You don’t *have* to line the hood but I suggest it.

      1. janelle

        Wow. You are so Incredibly generous with all of your free patterns and tutorials. I think that is the first time I have commented on a blog post and I feel a bit special to have received such a detailed reply. Thanks again

  3. Mikea

    I am really loving that jacket! Awesome job!!

    1. Shauna

      Thanks! It’s quickly becoming my favorite 🙂

  4. Renee

    Thanks for the tutorial. You make it sounds so easy, I shall try this for my granddaughters sometime soon. It’s summer in Melbourne, so I shall hold off for a while, they grow too quickly for me to guess what size for next winter :)!

  5. Anne

    Great tutorial!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:

  6. Charlotte

    Thanks for this tutorial! I’m making a second abbeyjacket (the wool coat version) and I was wondering about adding a wide hood. Do you think I should leave of the collar? (That would be a pitty rhough, I love the collar againt the wind)

  7. Lucy Stieber

    Thank you for your easy pattern. I am adding hood to a ergo cover and had no idea where to start. You are a time and gramma saver.

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