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DIY Yoshi Costume

DIY Yoshi Costume

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  1. vernagrace

    I have to say you have amazing talent!

  2. Ruth Thornhill

    Great tutorial, very detailed! I’m bookmarking this! XO!

  3. Raimey


    Any chance you would sell a yoshi and/or toad costume? If you would please let me know the price.


  4. Amanda

    Hi there, the link to the post for drafting the hood is broken. Can you please provide the link?


  5. Guadalupe

    Hola, me podrias enviar el patron por emal?
    [email protected]

  6. @DoneByAna

    When I saw this post, I couldn’t believe it. My son loves Yoshi and that would be great for him. I started the year sewing Yoshi for his birthday and I did it!!!

    Here I show you my Yoshi:


  7. Shay

    Do you still have a link to the draft of the hood? Thanks!

  8. Kristen Will

    I know I’m late to the party here but THANK YOU! My son decided he wants to be “Baby” Yoshi for Halloween and I sort of had an idea of what to do but you have figured it all out for me! Shwin to the rescue again!

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