Sewing a Men’s Jacket

Sewing a Men’s Jacket

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  1. Rachel

    This is something that I’ve been dying to make for my husband… if you made the pattern I would definitely be interested!

  2. Nikki b

    PLEASE make this pattern available in your shop! I would definitely buy it. You did a great job on this jacket.

  3. Tracey

    YES!!! I don’t know how often he’d wear it, but he always wears a fleece throwover, so he could stand for something a little more dressy.

  4. maria

    men and sewing… the forgotten ones… it would be a beautiful gift 🙂

  5. Robyn

    I haven’t sewn for my husband, but he has sewn for himself (hunting camo pants! I was so impressed!) I’m sure he would love for us to take on a jacket!

    1. Shauna

      I love that he has sewn for himself! Thats so awesome!

  6. Crystal Moreland

    Oh me oh my! I love love LOVE this! I have been wanting to make a jacket for my husband as well – and he’s been asking me to – but I’ve been super afraid of where to even begin. I would TOTALLY buy this pattern if you put it in your shop. (My only concern would be that he’s 6’6″, so having a pattern in an XL or even XXL in some cases, is a must for us.) Great work! It is simply dashing!

    1. Shauna

      I would be going up to at least an XXL, with plenty of tips about adjusting length and other little fit places. I learned that sewing for a man is totally different than say sewing for myself, but in a lot of ways way easier 🙂

  7. Alisa

    I think if you made this into a pattern it would be very successful! The only change I would make it to have a blind hem on the bottom of the coat. It’s fabulous!

    1. Shauna

      Totally! I told my husband that was the one thing I really wish I would have changed, but I had already cut the fabric, I wanted the main fabric to wrap up about 2″ to the inside and have a blind hem to the lining. (like how the sleeves were done) He said he didn’t care but the pattern would do that for sure 🙂

  8. Leyna

    I love this jacket and need, need, NEED to have the pattern for it so I can make my husband one. It is so much his style.

  9. Susan Mitchell

    I would LOVE this pattern. It looks amazing and you did a fantastic job. I mean just perfect! I would love you to make this pattern available. My son’s dad needs one and store bought never fits right (he is 6’6 with long arms!)

  10. Stephanie Pantello

    yes! Please make a pattern for us!! I have never made my husband anything but would LOVE to!

  11. Stacey

    LOVE it!!! My husband would too! Yes on a pattern for sure!!!

  12. CINDY

    I am thoroughly impressed! What a fantastic job you did. Love all the elements of fabric and design. Cell phone pocket is perfect too. Maybe in a year or two when I’m a bit more seasoned I could tackle this and my husband would love it.

  13. Katie L

    Yes! My husband has wanted me to make him a jacket for sometime now. So this would be perfect. My husband has always had larger biceps, (he says it’s thanks to his Grandma, who is Finnish), and shirts and jackets will always fit him everywhere else but be tight on the biceps. So it would be nice to make him a jacket that fit nicely for him.

  14. Amber

    I’d love to see a pattern! I’ve been seriously thinking about sewing a winter jacket for my husband this year but I’ve been hard pressed to find anything I like. This one is pretty amazing though. Wonderful job!

  15. Veronica

    Shauna, I am in love with this coat! What an amazing job on every detail! I think this is something even my husband would like if I made him one. He loves coats and jackets (he has so many I can’t keep count), but nothing quite this style. If you need any testers, let me know!

    1. Shauna

      oh yes! I will for sure let you know if I need a tester!

  16. Katie Seitz

    Oh my gosh, my husband would LOVE this!!!!!! I would buy this pattern in a heartbeat

  17. Amy c

    I love it! I would love a pattern. There are far too few men’s patterns out there. My husband always gets left out of the sewing. Ha! But, I have to say, I am a little intimidated by outerwear myself. There are just so many different parts.

  18. Kelly T

    I think that jacket is awesome. It looks like something my husband would wear as well. Its not bulky (my husband hates big puffy bulky jackets) and the details & pockets are really nice! I rarely sew for my husband because it is intimidating, and also there’s just not a lot out there that looks like the style my husband likes. I’d totally be interested in sewing one up!

    1. Shauna

      My husband is anti bulky too! What’s nice is that getting “tailored lines” on a man is so much easier than it is for a woman since they have less curve 🙂 I was super intimidated to tackle the project but I left surprised with how easy it really was.

  19. Emily

    Amazing jacket!!!!!! Love the details.

  20. Katie

    YES! Both my husband and my brother would wear this coat, and I would LOVE to make something like this for them!

  21. Ajaire

    I think everyone is ready for more menswear patterns so YES this would be loved 🙂

  22. Hannah

    This is definitely something I am interested in, just not sure if I am brave enough to try it! My husband is short so being able to make a coat to his measurements would be awesome (if I could work up the courage!).

    1. Shauna

      I promise its not bad, and it is so great to be able to get a perfectly custom fit.

  23. Beth

    I would love to make one for my hubby. Amazing job

  24. Ashleigh | Mish-Mash Made

    Wow!! That is so great! I am supposed to embark on my first sewing journey for my husband this winter…he requested a thermal long sleeve tee. We’ll see how it goes. I am not quite to the coat stage yet (fit scares me!) and like someone above said, he is quite tall and nothing is ever long enough. Might be a good reason to sew though!

    Such nice work! I will keep on the look out for a possible future pattern from you!

    1. Ashleigh | Mish-Mash Made

      Also, I’ve never seen a collar like that! That is my favorite detail.

  25. Lauri Meinhardt

    Please make the pattern! I would love to make this for my son! There are not enough patterns out there for men, and yours is fabulous.

  26. Jane

    Love the white rabbit button and the last photo in particular. Your hubby looks totally stoked – very sweet to share a project together

  27. Susan

    OMG, yes. Please make this pattern.

  28. Huisje boompje bOefjes

    Amazing yes please to this pattern. I would love to make this jacket

  29. Amy Hindman

    This is amazing!! I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to make one but you did a fabulous job!

  30. Kate Leahy

    This is amazing! I would love to make this for my husband if you decided to release a pattern.

  31. Georgette

    Y’all have grown up so nice. : )
    Another great jacket and I love the white rabbit!
    Good job!

  32. Raphaelle

    I seriously love this jacket! I’ve only sewn pj pants for my husband. Poor guy! (He does have a hat, scarf, two pairs of socks, and a sweater that I knit though.) It isn’t that I don’t want to sew for him. It’s that I’m totally intimidated! He has asked if I would make him a work shirt but he can get those made for so much less than the fabric would cost! (He works in finance.) I think he would like a jacket like that, especially for weekends. And he would love to shop for his fabrics at Mood!

  33. Alycia

    Love the jacket. Not sure if it’s my husband’s style, but would love some menswear patterns. My husband has been asking me to make something for him for about a year now.

  34. knitbunnie

    I love the jacket, I really do, but for me, there are just too many details, no matter how beautiful they may be. If it could be done without the hand warmer pockets or the flaps on the collar or the epaulettes, I could see making it. Call me a bad seamstress, but those details, if not done just right turn it from handmade to homemade, and I just can’t do it.

  35. AUDREY

    I’m currently sewing a Marco shirt for my (man-sized) son. My husband loves jackets…I think I’d be scared to try~he’s so picky about them! Yours looks perfect to me, I’ll have to show it to him and see what he thinks!

  36. REnee

    Yes! this jacket is perfect. The details are perfect.

  37. nique et

    I love making mens wear but wish there were more nice patterns for men. I adore this coat!

  38. Cyn Jaedike

    It’s awesome. I might add the button flap like on the shoulders and collar on the bottom from hips to back on both sides. Really great design!

  39. Lindsay Tailor

    That looks fantastic. I love the seams on the back.

    Please make this into a pattern. There needs to be more awesome men’s patterns out there.

  40. ESSENCE B Underwood

    My husband would love it but he is a big man. So I say make it but make sure the big guys get some love too!

  41. Heidi

    Wow! So nice. I would love to sew for my husband, but there aren’t that many cool or stylish patterns out there. Please, please make this coat pattern!

  42. Sarah

    yes!! Pleeeeaaase! I always love your patterns but I live in a house full of boys, and I have nephews, and my friends all seem to have boys… I would love to see more guy patterns!

  43. Kellie

    Wow! I love this, so stylish. I’m just making my husband his first shirt and he’s thrilled to be finally getting some sewing attention. I’d definitely in interested in this as a pattern (if not slightly scared too!) My husband is 6’4″ with unfeasible long arms so can struggle to find RTW in the UK that is long enough so I’d be all over this if you made a pattern. It feels good to be making for him finally.

  44. Regina

    would like a pattern for a man’s jacket 🙂

  45. Julie

    Oh my goodness! That jacket is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job with it!!! And, YES, to the pattern!!!

  46. Amanda

    I’d love to make one of these for my husband. He is always begging me to make something for him. This would be perfect because he’s kind of obsessed with jakets… and shoes… and watches. Anyway, if you need a tester, I’d be thrilled to do it. And as an added bonus, my husband is kind of super freakin’ handsome;)

  47. Mikea

    PLEASE make this into a pattern!!! I always want to make my husband something but dont know what. He loves what i sew for the kids but never lets me sew for him and this jacket is perfect for him! It’s just his style. I would even go up to mood and splurge on wool for him. Im sure he wont let me measure him in detail so i need a pattern that i can easily adjust. Could you also do a boy pattern or show how to do something similar on one of your patterns you already have (which means i already have it haha)?
    I really hope you make this mens pattern!

  48. ChriSty

    If you draft this pattern consider it sold! My husband would love it if I made him something for a change too!!

  49. Reyna

    oh my goodness I would LOVE this pattern! I would be addicted <3 Please make it available haha, it turned out smashing!

  50. Charlotte

    Oh I lve this!!! If you need some testing to be done please please contact me :p I have a broad shouldered hubby who needs a somewhat dresses jacket

  51. Becky

    I would sew one for my son and my husband!

  52. Kathleen

    My husband saw this jacket pop up on my FB feed after I liked your post… and has now asked me about making it for him at least three times a day ever since! Please make a pattern!

  53. Becky

    Please Please do release the pattern!! I would love to be able to sew something like this for my man!!! He’d love it! Such great work as always!

  54. Iris

    I don’t think you need any more encourangement to release a pattern, do you? Anyways, I love the look of the jacket (and handsome husband too!) and would love to sew one for my man!

  55. Lindsey brienen

    I can not even DESCRIBE to you how much I would love this. Or, even more so, how much my husband would love this. He’s always disappointed when I show him yet another sewing project for myself or the kids and NOT for him 🙂 And this is his style to a TEE. Perfect for his work environment an church involvement. Love love love.

  56. Hillary Osborne

    I came to your site looking for the pattern. Please let me know if you ever make it. Thanks!

  57. Courtney

    I would love this pattern, this jacket is amazing and I would love to challenge myself.

  58. Nelly

    This jacket is absolutely smashing!!! It is exactly my partner’s style. I look forward to finding out you’ve drafted this pattern, cause it’s totally on my wishlist!!

  59. tboyd1

    I’m a man who sews for himself. I so want this jacket pattern. I would gladly even pay for it….please, please, please make this pattern.

  60. Nelleke

    Have you made this pattern? I love it!

  61. Danielle

    Please, PLEASE release this pattern. My husband would love for me to make him a new coat and we both absolutely love this. None of the other patterns on the market have caught his eye. Pretty please!!!

  62. Kearia

    Were you still considering making this pattern? My husband would absolutely love a jacket like this.

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