Boys Blazer Sew-a-long Fabric and Pattern choices


Next week we are starting a boys blazer sew-a-long. Perfect for the holiday season, or anytime really. For the sew-a-long I will be sharing a FREE PDF pattern for the blazer shown above. It will be a size 8, and the sew-a-long will follow through making the blazer from start to finish and lots of tips and tricks including hot to fit the pattern. However if you are in need of a different size or style there are other great patterns out there and while they will be assembled differently there are plenty of tips that apply to all blazers I will be sharing and so you can still sew-a-long. At the end of the week we are going to do a sew and share on Facebook and Flickr. So the sewing will start Monday and run through Thursday with a day by day break down, you will likely only need an hour a day to make it. Friday we will all show them off.  So for today, let’s pick patterns and talk fabric!Boys Blazer Sew-a-long Fabric and Pattern choices


Monday I will be sharing the link for my free pattern, it’s a design that has been floating around in my head for awhile as it’s not a traditional blazer. It’s kind of a cross between a blazer and jacket, tailored lines, large lapel, straight edges and 4 buttons. **Now just a note, before thinking I started adding the welt chest pockets, then as I was admiring my work I thought something seemed off, I started to worry that the pocket was on the wrong side, guess what? It totally is because ALL blazers boys and girls, have the pocket on the left. However there is no real reason for this since the pockets are typically unused anyway and just for decoration. So I left it be and I am kind of happy that it’s different.

If you are in need of a full blazer pattern I HIGHLY recommend Blank Slate Patterns. I have sewn the Berkshire Blazer (shown in the center) and I LOVE the shawl collar and the fit.

Another great choice is the Basic Blazer with the notched lapel, and classic lines.


So go ahead an grab your pattern of choice (or wait till Monday for the free one)

Now let’s talk fabric. I like to use wool suiting, it always feels like a great quality piece with the wool, and so perfect for the holiday season. Other options, twill, tweed, poplin, denim, or other suiting material. For the free pattern I will be sharing you will need about 1 1/2 yards, (plus 1 yard for lining) Check with your pattern of choice for other yardage.

There are 3 classic color choices for a blazer, Navy, Brown, and Black. (other colors are totally fine too) Here are few of my choices of wool suiting fabrics from Mood Fabrics. I purchased my fabric from there (the Navy Herringbone) I love the quality of the fabric, however many local places or other online shops will have a great selection.

Boys Blazer Sew-a-long Fabric and Pattern choices

Herringbone \\ Checkered \\ Plaid


Boys Blazer Sew-a-long Fabric and Pattern choices

Herringbone \\ Checkered \\ Texture


Boys Blazer Sew-a-long Fabric and Pattern choices

Windowpane \\ Plaid \\ Texture

You will also need lining fabric I suggest a silk lining or another similar fabric so the arms in particular slide on and off easily. You will also need mid weight interfacing.  So go grab your pattern, and your fabric, and we will see you back here Monday to cut and prep your pieces.