It’s that time of year again, you know when suddenly it goes from perfectly mild fall weather to freezing cold snowy weather. That’s usually the same time my kids suddenly out grow everything. So Jude is getting dressed and we realize his only sweatshirts are a size 4T… he has not been a 4T for a few years now. So clearly it was time, but instead of heading to the store I dug through the fabric stash and found this sweatshirt knit and made a submarine pullover.

 I made only a few very minor (and easy) alterations to the pattern to make it more of a sweatshirt and also just a little easier to make. I added knit cuffs to the sleeves, and waist. For the waist I just made the waist band instead of adding the elastic band and for the sleeves I cut them as normal but then added the cuff, I always have to make sleeves longer for Jude’s super long arms so instead of adding length I just aded cuffs. Otherwise sweatshirt knit doesn’t have stretch so it works just like a woven like the pattern calls for, but really it could easily be made in any knit just a little trickier since knit likes to stretch 🙂

 I also added piping at the sleeves because it’s fun. I had to piece the back to make it work and I really wanted to color block the top like I did with THIS jacket but I didn’t have a contrast knit that I liked with the gray so that will wait until another day.

 I lined the hood with a cozy knit stripe which if I did it all over again I would cut the lining smaller and stretch it to fit because sewing it along a non-stretching fabric was obnoxious but I am likely the only one who will notice all the flaws with it 🙂

So just like that  Jude had a new sweatshirt to take on the cold weather. The only other tip I would add, the pattern is designed for lightweight fabrics since the sleeves roll up and all so if your kid is towards the top of the size you may want to go up since sweatshirt is bulky. Jude usually wears a 6 in most things since he is thin but since he needs the length of a 7 (and sometimes 8) I went ahead and made this a 7 and it’s perfect comfortably loose with a little grow room so it should last through the Spring, or tomorrow with the way this kid grows…

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