DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume

I love it when my kids have requests for their Halloween costumes. It’s so much better than me trying to come up with an idea that they also like. This year Abbey came to me and said she wanted to be a “Pink fluffy Unicorn dancing on rainbows” (it’s a song, on you tube. Abbey and her friend sing it all the time, those are the only lyrics) I took pause for a moment and then decided I was up for the challenge. Born was the DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume. I mixed around the idea of dancing on rainbows to just be a rainbow unicorn (and of course pink and fluffy)

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

Abbey was quite pleased with the outcome, so we all win. The costume is super easy to make and I made a quick little tutorial for you.

I used:

4 Yards of Pink tulle for the tutu

1/2 Yard of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple tulle for the tail and main.

Scraps of Ivory felt for the horn

Ivory Embroidery Floss for the horn

Scraps of colored felt for the flowers

1 Headband (glitter gold of course)

Elastic for the waist of the tutu

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

I also made a basic tee and leggings using these patterns: Tee || Leggings

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

To make the Unicorn Headband:

1: Cut a rounded triangle

2: Fold triangle in half and sew edges together

3: Turn right side out so you have a cone

4: Sew a basting stitch along the bottom edge of the cone, then fill with stuffing

5: Pull the basting stitch to gather the bottom slightly, then wrap the cone in cream colored embroidery floss and tie it around the base to secure

6: Cut various sizes of circles out of colored felt. Stack the circles on top of each other to create the flowers.

7: Cut 2 strips of felt about 2″ wide and 4″ long to use as the base for the headband. Sandwich the headband between the two layers and use hot glue to secure them together. Then with the gathered edge of the horn tucked under, hot glue the horn on the base at the center of the headband. Hot glue the flowers around the horn.


DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

For the tutu. I made an elastic band the size of my daughters waist, and then slipped it on to my child’s mannequin. (a chair or other object would work as well) Then with the tulle folded in half (height wise) and then in half again (height wise) so it’s still 4 yards long but folded down so it’s not as wide, cut strips about 1-2″ wide. I left my strips folded once so they were doubled up, then fold the strip in half and slip it behind the elastic, so the center point is where I am holding it in the picture and you can see the two strips coming down.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

Pull the bottom of those two steps up over the elastic and through the loop from the mid point.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

Then pull to tighten, and you will want the loop and ends to be at the bottom of the elastic. Pull tight enough that there isn’t any slack but not so tight that the elastic folds or bunches. Then just keep going. 4 Yards was just enough for my daughter’s tutu she has a 22″ waist.


For the tail and mane:

I cut a small strip off each of the 1/2 yards (a couple inches wide) for the mane, then I made 5 pony tails in her hair like a mohawk going down the middle of her head, and tied the strips around each pony tail to create the look of the mane.

For the tail, I gathered all the remaining rainbow tulle together in one group (like a pony tail) and stitched it to the back of the tutu.


DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween


There you have it. I paired it all with a simple pink tee and leggings I made from knit (which will likely double as clothing worn separately after halloween)

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume || #Unicorn #Costume #Halloween

One happy, pink fluffy (rainbow) unicorn.