You Me and The Sea Quilt Pattern || Shwin&ShwinA dear friend of mine was having her first baby, since I love making quilts I asked her if she had a theme for the nursery. She said she loves sea animals. She also didn’t want the quilt to be overly feminine. So I took that and ran with it and made this sea animal quilt with pinks, greens, and grays. If you wanted to make it even more masculine you would make the dark pink more of a red color than a purple I used. (I had trouble finding colors I liked together) You Me and The Sea Quilt Pattern || Shwin&ShwinYou can find the pattern for the quilt top HERE

I did edit after making this one since a few of the animals ended up more cropped than I wanted. ( sorry manatee) The pattern includes all the templates needed for the sea animal appliqués and the measurements for all the blocks. The finished quilt is 45″X60″ If you were wanting it to be larger you could add more colored blocks or make the blocks larger that the animals go on. You Me and The Sea Quilt Pattern || Shwin&ShwinOne of my favorite things to add to quilts is a little embroidery detail. Especially when I am adding a quote or little details. I did just a standard back stitch for this one, but I also use a whipped back stitch which makes it a little cleaner. You Me and The Sea Quilt Pattern || Shwin&ShwinEven though the pattern doesn’t include backing and binding instructions, I just wanted to note, a great place to find “themed” fabric is spoon flower. I found the perfect print that matched my colors. I love all the options they have and they are far more modern than prints you can find other places.