Lovely Rita Skinnies || One Pattern 3 ways


I made the Lovely Rita Skinnies 3 different ways, and today I am sharing the third style.

You can see the pink pair here

The plain jeans here

and lastly I made some knit joggers, you can read more about that below.

Color block Apple Lounge Wear Top

My kids LOVE joggers, they live in them. I have a Joggers pattern for teens and tweens which my older kids love and wear all the time but I don’t have one for younger kids. Then as I was making the other Lovely Ritas I thought, these could be joggers.

So I made a pair out of a nice and stretchy but sturdy French Terry.

I made only one change to the pattern. I cut them about an inch shorter and then added cuffs to the end of the legs.

That’s it. I still made the pockets (front and back pockets) and cut them the regular size. I just cut the cuffs slightly narrower than the end of the leg and stretched them while sewing them on. It was so easy.


Color block Apple Lounge Wear Top

Then I decided to make a color blocked Apple Loungewear top to go with it. To do this change, again so so easy. I cut the pattern straight across the front and back bodice just slightly under the arm and then about 5″ below that. Then I had 3 sections. I cut the pattern out in the 3 sections adding seam allowance where I cut the pattern. Then I sewed the 3 sections back together before sewing the top together following the pattern. I used a french terry and faux metallic leather for the center part.

I also left the band off the bottom and just hemmed it.

Color block Apple Lounge Wear Top


Lovely Rita Skinnies

Apple Loungewear


Navy French Terry from LA Finch Fabrics

Gray French Terry from LA Finch Fabrics