While I am adjusting to life with the new baby, enjoying the holidays and snuggles I am re-posting many of my guests posts that never got posted here, so enjoy the “walk down memory lane” 

  When I was thinking about the sundress I would make I got really inspired by circles, and I thought it would be fun to dress up a basic sundress with some fun circle appliques.

 It created a fun little detail that spices up a plain sundress. So let’s get right into it.

 Start by gathering up some supplies, I liked mixing some colors and textures together for the circles and used some plain white for the base of the dress. I also used a zipper for the back, I like the exposed zipper look so I grabbed a nice big metal zipper.

 Now you only need a few pattern pieces and the bodice is really easy to make. Measure around the chest add 1 inch and divide by 4. That is the width of the bodice and then you will need an underarm slope you can just kind of eyeball it really and you can make the bodice as tall as you like.

 The other pattern pieces I made were for the circles I just traces some circles I found around the house so I had three different sizes. Then cut out as many circles as you want, but you need to cut for each finished circle.

 Now for the bodice cut two front and two back I made the front pieces about and inch or so lower than the front, that’s optional.

 I also cut out two straps for the bodice, a few inches and then fold in half and sew up the side. Turn it right side out.

 Then sew a basting stitch and gather both ends of the strap.

 Then matching up the raw ends sandwich the straps in between the two front bodice pieces (with the bodice pieces right sides together) Then sew from the arm curve and across the top.

 Then turn it right side out.

 Now for the back slice the pieces down the middle.

 Then you will sandwich the back pieces around the strap and sew just like you did the front.

 Then sew the sides seam sewing the front and back together. Bodice done for now.

 Now for the skirt part, it can be as long as you want and then it should be double with width of the waist. (or more if you want it fuller) Then sew it together at the side seam to make a tube, and then gather along the top.

 Then with right sides together sew the bodice to the skirt.

 Now you have the base of the dress pretty much done.

 Just throw the zipper in the back sew it right sides together to one side and then the other.

 Then top stitch around the edge and you have a nice exposed zipper. The easiest zipper to put in.

 Now for the circles. Sew two circles together then carefully cut a slit in the middle of one of the circles and then turn the circle right side out. Press flat.

 Then arrange the circles how you would like them on the bodice.

 Then sew the circles down around the edge of each circle.

 Then you have a fun little circle bodice.

 I thought some circle pockets would be fun as well so I made the circles the same way only I cut a small slit right along the stitch line so that when I top stitched the circle down it would sew over the slit on the inside and I wouldn’t have any raw edges. Then top stitch along the edge leaving an opening for the pocket.

 Then fold the flap of the circle down and I added some buttons (more circles)

 That’s all there is to it.

 A fun summer dress with bright little pops of circles.

 And the fun exposed zipper down the back, it adds a special touch.