I love when my kids have very specific requests. Penny while watching a show saw one of the characters wearing a duster cardigan and asked if we could buy one. Then I laughed, she laughed and we both went to go pick fabric from the stash. Penny had been eyeing this pink sweater knit for some time.

Then to pick a pattern. I don’t have a duster pattern so the next best choice was to pick a cardigan pattern I liked and simply make it longer. The DaVinci Cardigan was perfect.

How to make a cardigan pattern duster length

  1. Measure from shoulder to ankle or where ever you want the length to be. Then using the pattern measurement determine how much length you have to add.
  2. Alter the pattern by adding the length. I did this by simply lengthening the bottom instead of slashing and spreading the pattern. I also added a side vent along the side seam edge. Add 1″ over and then 6″ or so up.
  3. When sewing the front and back (both lengthened) sew down to the side vent sewing 3/8″ past the top of the vent.
  4. Then fold the side vent edges under and sew in place up and around the vent.

Adding the side vents is of course completely optional, you could of course skip them all together.

Penny loves her new duster, which she also called her robe she can wear to school. Which just about sums it up.

Now to make some for my other daughter and myself since.