Want a super simple skirt?
It doesn’t take long, it is not complicated and yet it is custom fit to your body. Ready??

You will need:

  • Fabric
  • Contrast fabric
  • Zipper

Step 1: Fold your fabric in half and then make a rectangle that is your waist measurement. My waist is 27 inches so the top of my rectangle was 27 inches. Then measure from your waist to how long you want the skirt, for me this was about 30 inches so my rectangle (with the fold) measured 27×30 and then I had about a 2 inch strip that was the same width of the skirt. (this is for hemming) Then with contrasting fabric about 18 inches wide and as long as your waist, so for me that is 18×27. ( I gave myself wiggle room so I would fit it later) Then you will need a zipper. I used a 9 inch invisible zipper.

Step 2: Turn over the top of the rectangle and sew in place.

Step 3: It is best to follow the directions that came with the zipper as to how to install your zipper and they give very good directions. However here are the basics. You are going to put the zipper in back to make a tube out of the long rectangle. Pinning the zipper right sides together to the fabric. You are going to sew right along the zipper. If you have a zipper foot (as seen above with the two prongs) use one now. The zipper foot allows you to easily sew right along the edge as the foot guides the zipper. When you are done sewing it right sides together flip the zipper to the inside and then top stitch it in place. (you also wantto do this pretty close to the zipper edge)

Step 4: Once your zipper is installed and zipped up, Sew right sides together the rest of the back seam closed.

Step 4 a: You should have oversized tube skirt with a zipper down the back when done with those steps. (as seen above)

Step 5: Begin by putting some pleats in the back of the skirt while it is still on the floor (or table) Do this by measuring 2 inches away from the zipper and putting a 1 inch pleat in (a pleat is folding the fabric over on it’s self) Then measure 2 inches away from that and put another 1 inch pleat in.

Step 6: Carefully put the skirt on. (don’t prick yourself with the pins) It should still be quite large on you.

Step 7: Starting in the middle start pinning pleats out to both sides until the dress fits comfortably around your waist. Pin the pleats dow about 3 inches. Then carefully unzip and remove the skirt.

Step 8: Sew from the top of the pleat down along the edge sewing as far down as you want the pleats to go, I did mine about 8 inches. As shown above.

Then you are done! Love your high waisted custom fitted skirt!

Do you want a belt??

Step 1: Take your contrast fabric and fold over the top and sew in place then pleat all the way across the band so that the pleats move upwards. Pin them in place.

Step 2: Sew lines across the pleats ever 2 inches or so down the band. Then fold over the bottom and sew in place. ( you don’t have to use contrasting thread, I just wanted to for my look)

Step 3: Sew the belt about 1 inch from the top at the center back of the skirt as shown above. (my pleats totally don’t match but oh well)

Instant style change. Belt or no belt you will love the comfy roomy yet stylish ease of the skirt.