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Pleated High Waisted Skirt

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  1. Amie

    I LOVE this skirt! It&#39;s elegant AND comfy? What more could you ask for? Excellent work!<br /><br />Found your site on Ucreate and I&#39;m so bummed I didn&#39;t find it sooner! I&#39;ll be browsing around your tutorials for a while, and I&#39;m now following so I don&#39;t miss anything else!<br /><br />Amie @<br /><br />Have a great weekend!

  2. Shwin W

    Yes the skirt is very comfy. I used stretch Poplin as my fabric so it has a nice amount of give and yet still has structure.

  3. Mrs. Sassy Crafter

    Hello! I&#39;m a new follower, found you at Ucreate….

  4. Sabra

    Okay, super, super cute. This might be what I make with my attempted Polka Dot Skirt rejects. I was already wanting to add a wide, high band to it. I just worry about fullness since I already contribute enough of that without pleats 🙂

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