DIY Green Tea Toner

DIY Green Tea Toner

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  1. Genie

    Make sure you use purified water (RO, distilled) in this. The antioxidants that are in the tea will work on the water first – so if you use normal water all of the good stuff in the tea will be used up before it gets to your skin. Same goes for the tea you drink, too. Try it out – brew the same tea the same way in tap water and then in RO water. The lighter green the color of the tea the more

    1. Morgan@shwinandshwin

      Thanks for the tip, I should have added that in my post. I do use water from my RO system, years ago my husband worked for a water purification company and it's pretty gross what tap water tests at, especially depending where you live.

  2. Anne

    Love your blog!! does this toner need to be refrigerated?

    1. Morgan

      I refrigerate mine which I recommend. The batch I didn’t store in the fridge started to get a smell early on, plus applying the toner cold feels amazing 🙂

  3. Sophie

    I have started drinking green tea about four days ago and I also tried cleaning my face with the tea bag – you won’t believe: I had modest problems with blackheads, red spots and pimples but now they are nearly gone! My skin became very soft and clean 🙂 Just by drinking green tea for four days and rubbing my face with a wet green tea bag!
    I love this plant!

  4. RainDrop

    Hi, I love it! I’m very much into healthy cosmetics. What can I replace witch hazel with? I live in Europe and they don’t sell it here anywhere I know.

  5. Claire

    Hi! I enjoyed using this toner a lot a it worked great for me for about two weeks but tonight when I went to use it I noticed that there were a few little floaties in it. It doesn’t have any smell so I was wondering if anyone else had had this trouble and if I should throw it out. Thanks!

  6. DIY Teas for Your Health

    […] Do you find that, during your particularly severe seasonal change colds, your skin sometimes suffers along with your more internal characteristics? We get that too, so we fully understand how uncomfortable it can be. That’s why we were so thrilled when we found this natural face and skin toner made with green tea. You get the full rejuvenating essence of a really effective, cleansing skin toner, but the green tea gives you the added benefits of being antibacterial, reducing redness, and easing swelling around irritated areas of the face. See how it’s made on Shwin & Shwin. […]

  7. caryl

    Is this 1/2 cup of water? (from instructions below)
    Boil 1/2 water, drop in one green tea bag, let it sit until cool.

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