Ok Friends, I need some help. A few years back I inherited something very special from my Grandma (besides my beloved sewing machine of course) It was a vintage collection of Little Women paper dolls. All delicately cut out by my Grandma. I was touched that they would go to me. I remember the first set of paper dolls my Grandma ever gave me, it was from the American Girls collection, and I loved them, I was NOT careful with them as I was a kid and they did as paper does, rip, tear, and get wet (so ruined) My Grandma was much more careful with her things. So now I have a collection of very old very beautiful paper dolls and I don’t know what to do with them. 
 The dolls are printed on a thicker card stock and are in near mint condition. 
 The detailed outfits however are printed on paper and the paper is starting to break down…
 I have been storing them in the manilla envelopes they came to me in. Then over the past years I have pulled them out from time to time to drool over the fancy styles and extensive accessories. 
 Then I smile when I see the sweet little notes my Grandma wrote on some of them. I imagine how long it must have taken her to cut out each piece and then how she cared for them all of those years.
 Every perfect little piece.
So now that I have a daughter, the question I can’t seem to answer is what to do with them. So if it were you what would you do? 
I have thought about framing them somehow to showcase them.
I have thought about turning them into magnets so my daughter could play with them
Or I could leave them in the manilla envelope and just look at them every now and then….
Any suggestions?