Heirloom Advice Needed

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  1. Jessica Kok

    i would probably scan and reprint them for my daughter and frame the originals. such a cool inheritance!

  2. Julie {BuildSewReap}

    I like Jessica's suggestion to scan and reprint then frame the originals. I definitely wouldn't change the originals or hand them over to your daughter but scanning them means you get the best of both worlds.

  3. Amy

    Jessica's suggestion is good. You could also get them laminated so that they wouldn't tear.

  4. Bolo heads

    Dang that Jessica she stole my idea. I think they would be adorable framed. I would not let my children touch them, after all the care they recieved over the years they deserve to be protected behind glass and never touched again.

  5. Woman of Many Thoughts

    How about scan/copy the old ones, & frame the originals up in a good acid/lignen/sun bleach safe frame. I love the magnet idea, but I would first laminate them and then stick magnets on the back. You wouldn't want to to through the work of cutting and adding the magnets for the paper to get ruined over time. With scanning you could do all sorts of things…print them on shrinky dink

  6. Rachel

    I was coming to say you should make color copies & laminate them for your daughter to play with. I was beat to the punch though.

  7. kate

    those are gorgeous! lucky you. I would probably frame them too, for the sewing room maybe

  8. Passionate Design

    Well, it sounds like you're getting the same advice I was going to give. I would take mine into the copy shop and have them make a few high quality copies. The quality copies I'd let my daughter use (perhaps even add magnets to the back) Then I'd have the originals laminated and then put a little velcro on the back of each so I could put the originals in an open frame and with the

  9. Tami B

    I'm so glad I read some of the prior comments. Scanning them for your daughter is a great idea. I like the idea of somehow framing the originals in a shadow box or something. You're very lucky to have such a sweet grandma.

  10. willow

    So funny everyone is suggesting the same thing. I guess I&#39;m jumping on the band wagon too … scan them for your daughter and frame the originals in a shadow box!<br />PS can I say you are so lucky!

  11. gabriela

    I would do all of the above, BUT not laminate the originals, because they would lose value. Perhaps frame them, or store them carefully and look at them like the treasures they are every now and then…….

  12. Evelene S

    Jessica has the right idea and frame them as Woman of Many Thoughts suggested.

  13. trees

    HOW BOUT SOMETHING DIFFERENT – SPOONFLOWER (www.spoonflower.com) THEM <br />turn them into Fabric work of arts – they can be turned into fabric dolls, fabric mobiles, dresses, pillow, bedding….. keep going – this way you can touch and play with them as often as you – sorry your daughter (wink wink – we all have been there&gt; not everything in life needs a value – would your grandmother want

  14. Sew Flippin Cool

    All of these are great ideas. I also wanted to say that you should make sure to copy your grandma&#39;s handwritten notes so you don&#39;t loose the wonderfulness of that too. My mom is actually going to be here next weekend as is giving my daughters all of her mom&#39;s old Little Women dolls. She apparently has the whole set. I&#39;m not sure if I will be able to allow my 2 and 5 year olds to

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