Today’s project is super easy. We are making a cardigan inspired by: 
This lovely sweater from Crew Cuts. Typically I like to take inspiration from places and make it my own, but really this sweater was just so lovely and simple I just had to well copy it. 
I started with this cardigan I got at a thrift store. It was a whole 2 dollars. I choose it because I liked the color, buttons and it was in perfect condition. It was however no where near the right size for my daughter…

So I took it in by turning it inside out and laying it flat then I followed a shirt of my daughters and pinned along the edges and arm to take it in as I needed. 

Then I sewed along that line, checked the fit.

Then cut away the excess fabric and zig zagged the edges so it won’t unravel

Then I took some tulle in a coordinating color and cut some thick strips and some narrow strips. 

Then folding the wide strip so the two ends meet in the middle I tied the thin strip around the middle so it created a bow. 

Then I scattered a few around the neckline of the cardigan. Easy and it added the perfect feminine flair. So you can totally do this with any cardigan you have even one that already fits so you don’t have to take it in. The reason I liked using this bigger one and taking it in is that it is really long for my daughter in both the sleeves and length, I like this so she could wear it with leggings and the longer cardigan still adds warmth for the winter. Either way, it is a really easy project and it cost me less than 3 dollars, pretty good since the J Crew version is $50. (yeah for a kid)