I shared this dyeing denim project as a blog swap with naptime crafters, but I thought I would post it here for anyone that missed it. I honestly had never thought of dyeing denim until I had a pair of denim overalls that my mom had given my daughter, and well I just didn’t really like the color of them. They looked faded and old,(even though they were new) I thought I would give dyeing them a try, and it worked great! I know have a pile of denim to dye. It’s a great way to freshen up hand me downs, or fix a color you don’t like or when you find that perfect pair of jeans that have some crazy fading pattern… fixed! 
You see the Gap had this pair of denim overalls. Denim overalls are not usually my thing, but there is something about this pair that I was drawn to… The color! Something about it was so classic and well cute.

I however only had this pair of oshkosh overalls that my mom had bought for my daughter. I actually really like the fit of the overall, it has a slight bubble hem, and a little gather around the waist so it makes the skirt a little full and I just love that. Plus it was lined with a soft jersey which is warm and cozy for my little miss. The color on the other hand made the new jumper look old and used, and worn. (much like many I have seen at the local thrift store) I really wanted to give it new life and make it something I loved… so I dyed it.

To start I removed the labels, I wasn’t sure if they would take the dye, so to be safe I took them off, then I liked them off and never put them back on, but you could if you wanted to.
For the dye bath I added about a half a cup of salt to a large bowl in my sink. Then in a glass measuring cup I measured 2 cups of hot (from my tap hot) water. Then I poured in about a half a packet of RIT dye in the color denim blue and I added about 1/4 of RIT dye in black. I added the black because I wanted to make sure it had enough darkness to it. Then I added 1 tablespoon of detergent to the mix and poured it over the salt. I then filled the bowl with hot water (again hot from my tap) and I got the jumper wet and then added it to the bowl. The Dye will dye anything, so use gloves, or be careful and be careful what else it touches. Then I let it sit for 30 min stirring every now and then. When 30 min was up rinse with cool water until the water runs clear and then wash with detergent I just washed it by hand since it was only one small jumper, but you could throw it in the wash, just wash it alone since it may still bleed color. Then dry. That’s it. (as a note like most darker denim it may bleed color for the first few washes so wash with like colors) 
I also wanted to add a little more interest to the jumper so I added an embroidered design to the bottom. To do this you can draw any design with a fabric pencil (they wash off) and then follow the line and stitch over it with embroidery floss.
Also usually thread is synthetic so it doesn’t take the dye, which I like since it increased the contrast between the denim and thread.
There you go, changing the color of denim is easy and works great!

I am sure your little model will love your newly colored denim     

I am sure she can tell the difference 😉