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Dyeing Denim

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  1. Serena

    I love how it turned out. Thank you for the tip – I hadn't thought of dying denim before.

  2. casserole

    It&#39;s amazing how much the darker denim really gives that an update! I love it! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:<br /><br /><br />–Anne

  3. Elisabeth

    I work with denim alllll the time!!! I have dyed denim a number of times but really dislike the &quot;denim blue&quot; color Rit has…I&#39;ve tried &quot;royal blue&quot; too, but have never thought to blend the colors!!! Too cool…Thank you sooo much for sharing this! 🙂 God Bless you!!!

  4. Sabra

    the dying is cool, but the stitching detail totally makes these! so fun.<br /><br />also, I like Dylon better than Rit. They don&#39;t have as many colors, but what they do have are all richer and fade less than any Rit I&#39;ve tried.

  5. antigones

    Hi, I&#39;ve never read your blog before, but fortunately google pointed me this way when I was trying to find some instructions for how to re-dye a pair of jeans I love in what is a rather unfortunate color. I love what you did with the overalls, and they turned out so nicely. Your blog was just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for the helpful post, and the adorable pictures.

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